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Guillemots - If The World Ends Chords

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If The World Ends Chords

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  Dm                        Am
I just about managed to forget you 
when you appear in a dream... 
           Dm                  Am
And you're even more beautiful there
than I remember you being...
So I've come to decide that fate 
    Am                   G
is telling me you to not go... 
And considering this 
  Am                   G
I want you to know... 

       C     G       Dm                    Am
If the world ends, I hope you're here with me 
  F                          C
I think we could laugh just enough 
to not die in pain 
       C     G     Dm              Am
If the world ends, it won't finish you 
F                            C  
you're not the type they can capture 
    Eb              Bb
you flit like a fly catcher 
they can't pin you down 
can't pin you down 

C - Bb - F - Am - C - Bb - Am - Eb - Bb - F...

In my dream you're playing with 
Am             G
buckets of sand 
    Dm                        Am                G
and water was running through both of your hands 
and I dont think 
       Am                  G
i ever heard you speaking 
            Dm                    Am
cause i was too wrapped up in the dream 
i was dreaming 

          C     G     
so if the world ends 
  Dm                Am 
i hope you're by my side 
F                      C 
i don't think with you here 
it will be too much pain 
         C   G  
and when you cry 
          Dm               Am
darling i wish you'd feel my love 
     F                   C
your heart is way beyond capture 
Eb                  Bb
flitting like a fly catcher 
they can't pin you down 
                         C - G - Dm - Am - F - C  -Bb... F
whoa, they can't pin you down 

can't pin you down x3

Hope you like it :)
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