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Goodrem Delta - I Dont Care Chords

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I Dont Care Chords

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Goodrem Delta
That(Dm)boy is working you
Be(C)careful what you do
They(Bb)say he´s nothing but(C)trouble with an attitude
Well(Dm),I´m leading intervention and(C)I´ve friends with good intentions
See(Bb)if you don´t walk away,girl(C) you must be crazy

They(Dm)don´t(Bb)see through these(C)eyes they don´t(Bb)with this heart(Dm)
They don´t(Bb)know what it´s(C)like oh,oh,oh(Dm)they´re not(Bb)kissing your(C)
lips they´re not(Bb) touching like(Dm)this I feel the(Bb)passion and the(C)fire
ignite me

I don´´t(Dm) care what they(Bb)say I don´t(C)care what they(Dm)do they can (Bb)
lock mé up(Dm)forever try to(C)stop me loving you
(Dm)they tried to keep(Bb)Romeo and(C)Juliet(Dm)apart
Baby,it(Bb)doesn´t matter(Dm)what they say(C)I only listen to my(Dm)heart

I(Dm)don´t care what they(Bb)say(C)Nothing´s gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)care
what they(Bb)say(C)

(Dm)your body feels so right(C)laying by my side(Bb)and if the world should
end tonight,baby I´d be(C)satisfied I´m(Dm)not gonna carry it I´m(Bb)sorry they
don´t understand it you(C)make me feel like I never could

Chorus:I don´t care...

Oh.(Dm)oh,nobody can tell(Bb)me how you(C)feel
oh,(Dm)oh nobody can tell me(Bb)what is(C)real)
Words(Dm)can´t shake(Bb)what I know it´s(C)true
Nothing´s(Dm)gonna stop(Bb)me loving(C)you

Bridge after the first verse they don´t see....

Chorus:I don´t care...(2x)

I(Dm)don´t care what they(Bb)do nothing´s(C)gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)don´t care
what they(Bb)say I´m gonna(C)love you anyway I(Dm)don´t care what they (Bb)do
nothing´s(C)gonna stop me loving you I(Dm)don´t care what they say(Bb) I´m(C)
gonna love you anyway

Outtro chord:Dm

That´s all I hope you enjoy have much fun by playing I don´t care!
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