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Goldfinger - Get Away Tabs

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Get Away Tabs

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/-slide down neck
\-slipe up neck

RIFF 1 (Clean)
E |---------------------x-x--| 
B |---------------------x-x--| 
G |---------------------x-x--| Play 2x, then
D |---------------------x-x--| 
A |--------3--------3-3-x-x--| 
E |--1-1-3----1-1-3-----x-x--| 

    Both Guitars (Distortion)
     F5   G5   C5                           F5   G5   C5   G5    F5
E |---------------|                    E |---------------------------| 
B |---------------|                    B |---------------------------| During the palm muted
G |------------5--| Play these chords  G |------------5--------------| guitar another guitar 
D |--3----5----5--| like the rhythm of D |--3----5----5----5x----3x--| comes in with,
A |--3----5----3--| the riff.          A |--3----5----3----5x----3x--| G |-2/5\2/3\2/5\2/4\2--|
E |--1----3-------|                    E |--1----3---------3x----1x--| D |--------------------|

VERSE 1 (No guitar) *There might be a clean guitar strumming CHORUS chords but I doubt it.

E |---------------------------------------------| 
B |---------------------------8-----------------| 
G |--5----4----3----4----5----x----3----5----7--| Use effects pedal.
D |--x----x----x----x----x----5----x----x----x--| 
A |--3----2----1----2----3---------1----3----5--| 
E |---------------------------------------------| 

     C5   F5  A#5  G#5   C5   F5  A#5
E |-----------------------------------|        E |---------------------x-x--| 
B |-----------------------------------|        B |---------------------x-x--| 
G |--5---------3---------5---------3--|  then  G |---------------------x-x--|
D |--5----3----3----6----5----3----3--|        D |---------------------x-x--|
A |--3----3----1----6----3----3----1--|        A |--------3--------3-3-x-x--| 
E |-------1---------4---------1-------|        E |--1-1-3----1-1-3-----x-x--| 

A Guitar comes in with this when, "You cry about the look you've had..." 
     C5    F5    A#5   G#5   C5    F5    A#5
E |------------------------------------------|    
B |------------------------------------------|    
G |--5x----------3x----------5x----------3x--|  
D |--5x----3x----3x----6x----5x----3x----3x--|  
A |--3x----3x----1x----6x----3x----3x----1x--|   
E |--------1x----------4x----------1x--------| 

Also, a guitar plays these notes twice during VERSE 2

E |--0----|    
B |----0--|   

Repeat PRE-CHORUS then,
Repeat CHORUS, except play 2x

Then Guitar 1 plays INTRO chords while Guitar 2 plays this,
E |---------------------------------------------------------|    
B |---------11----------11--14----------11----------10---9--|    
G |--8--10---x---8--10---x---x---8--10---x---8--10---x---x--| Play 2x
D |--x---x---8---x---x---8--11---x---x---8---x---x---7---6--|  
A |--6---8-------6---8-----------6---8-------6---8----------|   
E |---------------------------------------------------------|  
Repeat CHORUS 1 but only play the bass note of each chord muted,
while another guitar plays this,

E |-------------|    
B |-------------|    
G |----8-9/11---| Play 2x
D |--9----------|  
A |-------------|   
E |-------------|


Repeat CHORUS 3x
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        Get Away lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Get Away lessons
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