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Genesis - Snowbound Chords

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Snowbound Chords

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                (Most chords are finger-picked)

C/D           Csus2         D/G      G
Lay your body down upon the midnight snow,
C/D             Csus2           D/G    G
Feel the cold of winter in your hair
Cmaj7                    Em9(no5)    
Here in a world of your own, 
In a casing that's grown
     Am7          Bbmaj7             
To a children's delight
        Am7      C/D
That arrived overnight

And here they come to play their magic games
Carving names upon your frozen hand.
Here, in a world of your own,
Like a sleeper whose eyes
Sees the pain with surprise
As it smothers your cries
They'll never, never know.		

Cadd9         Bmadd13-			
Hey there's a Snowman		
Cadd9           Bmadd13-		
Hey, Hey what a Snowman		
Dmaj7 Dmaj7(no3)         Amaj7    Amaj7(II)
Pray             for the Snowman
Dmaj7 Dmaj7(no3)   Amaj7(III)  Amaj7
Ooh,  Ooh   what a Snowman
           F             C
They say a snow year's a good year
Bbmaj7          Am7                    C/D     
Filled with the love of all who lie so deep

Smiling faces tear your body to the ground
Covered red that only we can see.
Here in a ball that they made
See it rolling away
Wild eyes to the sky
They'll never, never know

Hey there's a Snowman
Hey what a Snowman
Pray for the Snowman
Ooh, Ooh what a Snowman
They say a snow year's a good year
A7(instead of C/D in 1st chorus)
Filled with the love of all who lie so deep

Hey there goes the Snowman
Hey,hey there what a Snowman
Hey there lies the Snowman
Hey he was a Snowman
They say a snow year's a good year
Filled with the love of all who lie so deep

Hey,there goes the snowman
Hey,hey there what a snowman...

Chords used:
C/D: xx0010	                    
Bbmaj7: x13231	
Csus2: xx0013                   
Am7: x02010 / x02013
D/G: 3x0232                      
A7: x02020
G: 3x0033                         
Cadd9: x3x033
Cmaj7: x35453                 
Bmadd13-: x2x032
Em9(no5): 0x4030           
Dmaj7: xx0222
Dmaj7(no3): xx0224
Amaj7: x02120
Amaj7(II): x02124
Amaj7(III): x06650
Amaj7: x06657
F: 133211
C: x32010

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