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Genesis - More Fool Me Chords

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More Fool Me Chords

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CAPO: 4th fret (Sounds in key of B)


  C  Cadd9  C  Cadd9     C   C6     C    C6  C/G    C  Cadd9  C  Cadd9    C   C6
| /___/      /___/    /__/   /  | Ooooo, oh - oh!   La - la,  la, la---, la - la!

B7sus4  B7     Am7                           D7 D7sus4 Dsus5 Dsus4      D
  La,   la!  |  /  /  /  /  |  /  /  /  /  |  /___/       /___/     /___/   /  |

 G         Dsus2/F#                       Bm
Here am I,           who while away the mornings, since you've gone,
Am              Em        Cmaj7                      D
Too long have I lay alone, not knowing which way to turn!

      G             Dsus2/F#            Bm
And there you are,           quite sure you were right, umm - ummm,
Am                Em           Cmaj7                    D
    Knowing full well, that I'd be the first one to go down!

    Fmaj7                       G           Dm7                                  C
And you'd be the one who was laughing, ex - cept when things weren't going your way,
            Cmaj7                      Bm7      Em7     Am          Am7          D
And then the lady would say that she'd had e - nough wandering a - round on her own!

     G            Dsus2/F#                               Bm
The day you left,           well, I think you knew you'd not be back, umm - ummm,
Am                            Em                        B7sus4            B7
     Well, at least it would seem that way, because you never said good - bye,
      Em7                    Em6            Cmaj7                        G
But, when it comes 'round to you and me, I'm sure it will work out al - right!

    Fmaj7                       G            Dm7                        C
And you'd be the one who was laughing, and giving me something I don't need,
                   Cmaj7                Bm7       Em7   B7sus4          B7   
And, you know, I'd always hold you, and keep you warm...  oh, more fool me!

        Em7                     Em6          Cmaj7        
Ah, but when it comes 'round to you and me, I ask myself, 
      Em7                   Em6               Cmaj7                         G
Do I really believe in your love...   yes, I'm sure it will work out al - right!


C      =  x32010     G        =  320033
Cadd9  =  x32030     Dsus2/F# =  xx4230 
C6     =  x32210     Bm       =  x24432    
C/G    =  332010     Am       =  x02210    
B7sus4 =  x24252     Em       =  022000
B7     =  x24242     Cmaj7    =  x32000
Am7    =  x02010     Fmaj7    =  133210
D7     =  xx0212     Dm7      =  xx0211
D7sus4 =  xx0213     Bm7      =  x24232
Dsus5  =  xx0235     Em7      =  022030
D      =  xx0232     Em6      =  042000
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