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Ordinary Angels Tabs
Version #1

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Ordinary Angels                          Frente [Angela Hart and Simon Austin]
E                         A
You get the world for you birthday baby
E                      C#m
open your eyes and say yes no maybe the
box ticks on the core is a bomb, the world
A             F#m                          Esus4 E  
is silent you listen like a lover to it 
Some times a mirrors a miracle
E                       C#m7
sometimes it nothing at all  in
Amaj7           F#m7        Amaj7   F#m7
this reflection even angels fall
Amaj7         F#m7    Bbmaj7      Gm7
you could fly anytime ba da da da de dal da be
Bmaj7       G#m7  N.C
da da da de da da even though you own your own come
E               Amaj7
ordinary people its ok
E                G#7        Amaj7
you dont have to wear those wings they're
C#7    Dmaj7  Esus4* E Esus4* E
stupid things 
I know some dizzy easy heigyts 
E                          C#m7
dont stop your life at the lights
Amaj7          F#m7         Amaj7         F#m7          Amaj7  F#m7
Dont be smart be a beginner dont be wrong even when its right  
E               Amaj7
Ordinary people its okay
E                 G#7* Amaj7
were not watching any-way  
C#7  Dmaj7  N.C
its okay be de da da  da da da da be
de da da de de da da da da da
                           C#m7 F#m6
de da da de be da da de da
Amaj7 F#5m9 C#m7 F#m6* Amaj7 F#5m9
Amaj7      F#m7         Amaj7       F#m7
de de da de be da da be de da de de be da da de da de
C#m xx2120
F#m x04232
Esus4 002100
Amaj7 002120
C#m7 022120
F#m7 002222
Bbmaj7 x13231
Gm7 xx3333
G#m7 xx1102
N.C  Voice only (No Chord)
G#7 xx1112
C#7 xx3424
Dmaj7 x00222
Esus4* 0x2200
G#7* xx1102
F#m6 x01222
F#5m9 xx2124
F#m6* x00222
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