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Format - 7 Digits Chords

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7 Digits Chords

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                So this is pretty accurate.
Tuned 1/2 Step Down

G:    320003
D:    x00323
C:    x32010
Em:   022000
Bm1: x24430
D7:   x00212
Bm:   x24432

Intro: G D C D x4

G              Em             Bm1 
They found my body near the river
G           Em             Bm1      
Now all the people in our town, they think it was your father
   C                  G        C                    G          D
I didn't get your consent, but that's how I make my rent, the voyeur,
   C                G
It's hard to make a friend
               D             D7
When it's too hard to put down the lense
      Em       C    D
And so, I float
G              Em            Bm1  
Drifted 'bout 50 miles past Jamestown
G        Em            Bm1
I was recovered in the more where I floated onto shore
           C                  G
While the James was good to me,
               C              G       D
And the barbed wire, that's another story
     C                 G  
It's hard to rest in peace
                   D   D7
When you can't get no sympathy
And so...
C                                      G
I can't seem to keep my mind off that night
C                                    G                  D
The way that you left with all your friends beneath the bar lights.
  C                 G
I couldn't help but hate you
       D              D7
So I followed you, I followed you home

     G               Bm                       C
And oh, take off your clothes, stand by the window
                  B1              D                        
So I can see the scar that sits below your naval
     G              Bm                   C
And oh, with the Rosary, I wish that was me
                    B1              D
How I wish I could rest upon your chest forever
      G D C D
I float,      x3
      G D C D x4
      G D C
G                Em            Bm1
I wish that I believed in heaven
G                Em              Bm1
I can't thank Sunday School for that.
G          Em           Bm1
Send me a seven digit pin code
G           Em            Bm1
Let me repent, let me believe.

                      C             G
We learn it all once we can comprehend
                   C               G           D
The folding of our hands, the bending of our knees
     C                   G              D D7
And the Hail Mary's all along the bedside
             C                    G
My innocence must have caught his eye
              C           G          D                 
Enough to ruin the last 16 years of my life
       C           G
It's so hard to repent
                   D             D7
When you've been giving no such reason to believe

G               Bm                    C
I took off my clothes, stood by the window
                        Bm1            D
Well don't you see that same scar sits below my naval?
    G                     Bm
And oh, but it's there for life,
Better yet, the lack thereof
                   Bm1             D
How I wish I could come back as a piece of jewelry.
      G D C D
And oh,
      G D C D
I float
      G D C D
I float,
      G D C D
I float.
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        7 Digits lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast 7 Digits lessons
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