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Emmylou Harris - Prayer In Open D Tabs

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Prayer In Open D Tabs

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Emmylou Harris

> I'm looking for a TAB for Emmylou Harris's Prayer in Open D.  I'd appreciate

I asked for this about 2 months ago and didn't find any offers.  Tried my
best to pick it out and it was "passable" but not perfect.  For anyone who
wants to give it a try (and improve it), here goes:

Tune to Open D (of course)
h=hammer on
p=pull off
Meter is not correct; this is my first tab and I borrowed the template from
someone else's tab.


D ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D -0---------0-2h-|----------2s4-4-|-4---4---4---4--|---------0------|
F# ---0--0--------|----------------|----------------|-5----5------5--|
A ----0-----------|0-----0---0---0-|---0---0---0---0|----------------|
D ----0---0--0-2h-|--2-----2-2s4-4-|---4---4---4---4|---5---5---5--5-|

D ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
D -0---0--0--0----|-0---------0-2h-|----------2s4-4-|-4---4---4---4--|
F# 5p0-0--0-------|----0r-0--------|----------------|----------------|
A --------------0-|----0r----------|0-----0---0---0-|---0---0---0---0|
D -5p0-0--0---0--0|----0r--0--0-2h-|--2-----2-2s4-4-|---4---4---4---4|

D ----------------|------------------|----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|-------0h2--------|----------------|----------------|
D --2------2---2--|-0--------0-0h2-2-|0---------------|----------------|
F# ---------------|------------------|0---------------|----------------|
A ----0-0--0---0-4|--0-0-------------|----------------|----------------|
D ----2--2h4-2-0--|--0--0------------|0---------------|----------------|

Chords I used were (picking; pattern--a style all my own):

						D																	G																	A
D ----------------|----------------|----------------|
A ----------------|-----2----------|------0---------|
D ----0-----------|-----0----------|------2---------|
F# ---0-----------|-----1----------|------3---------|
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