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Eliza Gilkyson - An American Boy Chords

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An American Boy Chords

(ver. 1)
Eliza Gilkyson
INTRO: C  F C G  C  

                        F        C     G
I posted pictures on my Facebook site
                     C         F      C
A shooting star in a long dark night
                         G        Am
A lonely kid beneath the basement light
     F              Am     C
With thunder in his hands

                         F       C     G
My parents wonder if I'm doing alright
                       C         F      C
They keep the gun case locked up tight
                     G              Am    F
With the key hanging there in plain sight
                Am     F
While I make my plans

                          C      G
It won't be long before I come undone
                          C       F
There's no tomorrow for a wayward son
                                    C         G
What will they say then 'bout their pride and joy
             F         Am    C
Their American boy?

                               F             C   G
It's not the world they always said it would be
                        C         F   C
A shining pearl waiting there for me
                        G        Am
A golden girl who would care for me
  F              Am     C
A future I could own

                               F       C   G
They messed my mind with every kind of med
                   C     F    C
Now voices whisper in my head
                          G          Am    
Telling me softly I'll be better off dead
    F              Am    F
But I'm not going alone

                          C      G
It won't be long before I come undone
                           C       F
I'm gonna blow my world to kingdom come
                          C         G
Once I was someone's only pride and joy
          F             Am      C
An American boy, American boy


                           C        G
It won't be long before my time has come
                          C          F
I won't be sorry for this thing I've done
                            C       G
Maybe somewhere there's everlasting joy
              F             Am      C
For an American boy, American boy

                           F        C     G
I built a bomb down in the basement light
                      C        F     C
Went to the prom on a Saturday night
                            G          Am     F
I didn't blow it 'cause the time's not right
But it's close at hand            
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