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Ed Bruce - After Allen Chords

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After Allen Chords

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Ed Bruce
This is my first attempt to post a song so (and I hope this goes well) I thought it 
appropriate to be one of the first songs I figured out waaaay back when I first started 
playing.  I found the song the other day on the internet and listening to it again...wow...
what a great song.  Still holds up to todays stuff.

Anyway, this song is pretty straight forward, it repeats an 8 chord progression with a small
variation for the chorus. The chords are simple but I will show one that I play in case I'm labeling 
wrong it is the Bm/A 
 	 Bm/A  E--2--

The **Bm/A** variation on the second verse is the cool fill (just a hammer on base note) that the
guitar plays, tabbed as follows:

                   ... her name I can't recall...

I hope you like it and I welcome any feedback.  Enjoy,



A--- A---


A                      Amaj7
 There's a parking lot  where the corner cafe stood,

G                       F#
  one of the places we first fell in love.

Bm                             Bm/A
 They've built a waterslide, on the bluff by the riverside,

G                           E
 where we first fumbled our way into love.

A                              Amaj7
  And you hardly ever hear it, it's a golden oldie now,

G                               F#
 but you and I danced to it at least a thousand miles.

Bm                            **Bm/A**
 We ran with Bobby and his wife, her name I can't recall,

G                                 E                          A
 but we had lots of fun and love,   hardly anything else at aa...

A           Amaj7         
aaaaaaaaaaallllll the things we knew,

G                                  F#
 are turning brown and grey with age or gone.

Bm                                 Bm/A
 It's funny how the years slip by,  I can't help but wonder why;

G                         E
 sometimes it doesn't seem that long.


A                 Amaj7         
 After all these years, after all the 

G                  F#
joy and tears, after all is said and done.

   Bm                            G          
After most of everything we knew is gone... 

..I still love you.

Solo: (by the way, I'm tabbing this too and hope to have it up soon.)

A--- Amaj7--- G--- F#---    Bm--- Bm/A--- G--- E---


    A              Amaj7
After all these yeeears, after all the

   G                F#         
joy and tears, after all is said and done.
    Bm                       G              E
After most of everything we knew is gone...

E               A
...I still love you.

Outro: (played slowly)

               ritard--------(strum once and let ring)
A--- Amaj7--- G--- F#--------B--I love you. 
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