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Drake - The Urthest Thing Chords

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The Urthest Thing Chords

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                Furthest Thing -Drake

[Verse 1]

F                               G
Somewhere between psychotic and iconic
Am                            C
Somewhere between I want it and I got it
F                               G
Somewhere between I'm sober and I'm lifted
Am                            C
Somewhere between a mistress and commitment
F                                           G
But I stay down, girl I always stay down
Get down, have her lay down
                           C                                 F
Promise to break everybody off before I break down
Everyone just wait now
So much on my plate now
             C                                                         F
People I believed in they don't even show their face now
What they got to say now?
Nothing they can say now
                      C                                                  F
Nothing really changed but still they look at me away now
What more can I say now?
What more can I say now?
You might feel like nothing was the same

[Hook (2x):]
I still been drinking on the low
Mobbin' on the low
f**kin' on the low
Smokin' on the low
I still been plotting on the low
Scheming on the low
The furthest thing from perfect
Like everyone I know

(Repeat the same pattern throughout the whole song. F, G, Am, C)

[Verse 2]
And I hate that you don't think I belong to you
Just too busy running sh*t to run home to you
You know that paper my passion
Bittersweet celebrations, I know I can't change what happened
I can't help it
I can't help it
I was young and I was selfish
I made every woman feel like she was mine and no one else's
Now you hate me
Stop pretending, stop that fronting
I can't take it
Girl don't treat me like a stranger
Girl you know I seen you naked
Girl you know that I remember, don't be a pretender
Getting high at the condo, that's when it all comes together
You know I stay reminiscing
And makeup sex is tradition
But you've been missing girl
And you might feel like nothing was the same


Drinking, smoking, f**king, plotting
Scheming, plotting, scheming, getting money
Drinking, f**king, smoking, plotting, scheming,
Plotting, scheming, getting money

[Verse 3]
This the life for me
My mama told me this was right for me
I got em worried, like make sure you save a slice for me
I should have spoons, serve you up with a fork and knife for me
Your actions make us doubt you
Your lack of effort got me rapping different
This the sh*t I wanna go out to
Play this sh*t at my funeral if they catch me slipping
Naked women swimming that's just how I'm living
Donate a million to some children, that's just how I'm feeling
A nigga filling up arenas, who the f**k can see us
I had to Derrick Rose the knee up before I got the re-up
Yours truly the boy
I just build and build more
Y'all niggas build and destroy
You niggas party too much, man I just chill and record
No filler, you feel it now if you ain't fill it before
Yes Lord, this the sh*t I wanna go out to Yeah, Yeah
This the sh*t I wanna go out to
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        The Urthest Thing lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast The Urthest Thing lessons
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