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Doris Day - Tea For Two Chords

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Tea For Two Chords

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Doris Day
C         Dm7          Em7         Fmaj7
I’m discontented with homes that I rented
   Cmaj7    Dm7       Em7  Bbdim7
So I have invented my own
Am7          Bm7        Cmaj7      Bm7
Darling this place is a lovers' o- asis
      Am7           Bm7       Cmaj7  F#dim7
Where life’s weary chase is unknown
Fmaj7        G7         Cmaj7  Am7
Far from the cry of the city
              Bm7-5             E7     Bbdim7  Am7  D7
Where flowers pretty caress the streams
C       Dm7         Em7         Fmaj7
Cosy to hide in, to sit side by side in
   Cmaj7   Dm7        Cmaj9
So let it abide in my dream

Cmaj9   Dm7   Em7   Edim7

[Verse 1]
Dm9     G7    Dm9   G7   G#dim7
Picture you upon my knee,
Cmaj7   C6      Em7     Bbdim7
Tea for two and two for tea;
     Dm9    G7      Dm9     G7  Cmaj7   Dm7  Em7  Fdim7
Just me for you and you for me alone.

[Verse 2]
F#m7   B7         F#m7      B7   Ebdim7
Nobody near us to see us or hear us,
   Emaj9        E6         Emaj9     Fdim7
No friends or relations on weekend vacations,
   F#m7           B7
We won't have it known,
    F#m7      B7    Emaj9        Am7   D7
That we own a tele- phone______;

[Verse 3]
Dm7      G7         Dm7     G7
Day will break, and you'll awake,
    Cmaj7    Dm7    Em7   Bbdim7
And start to bake a sugar cake;
    Dm7    G7      Dm7     G7       A7    Fdim7   A7
For me to take for all the boys to see.

[Verse 4]
Dm7      Em7    A+    A7
We will raise a fami- ly,
  Dbdim7  Dm     Fm       G7
A boy for you, a girl for me,

    Fmaj7     Em7     Dm7   C#9      Cmaj9
Oh, can't you see how happy we would be?
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