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Dire Straits - Money For Nothing Tabs

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Money For Nothing Tabs

(ver. 2)
Dire Straits

This is adapted from Kr¥pton¥te's previous submission.
I have interpreted the song in my own way, trying to be as accurate as possible.
Some things, like the advice I give below, and the up/downstrokes, are just my suggestions.

Note that this tab is timed properly.  Each bar consists of one dash at the start,
and then every two dashes after that count as one eighth note:

  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

h	directly above note: harmonic
=	hold the note and play the next note while still holding
__/	hold the note, and then slide up to the next note without picking
.	a period above a note is meant to emphasize that it is staccato,
	  meaning don't hold the note	
V	pick the note with a downstroke
^	pick the note with an upstroke

This is a pretty simple riff once you get the hang of it,
but here's a couple things:
-	In the 1st bar, when you fret the -305-- pattern,
	use your index on the 3 and *middle* finger on the 5.
	This will allow a smooth fingering of the -65--- when you get to it.
-	In the 5th bar, for the -305-- pattern you can use your ring finger
	on the 5 instead, and that makes it easier to "roll" your index
	finger into the 33---- pattern in the 6th bar.
-	For the --33-- and ---33- patterns, I just use my index finger, it
	especially makes the slide in the 8th bar easier.

  V   V   V ^ V ^   V   V ^ V ^ V ^       V     ^ V ^   V       V   ^ V
          .                     . .               . .
  V   V   V ^ V ^   V ^ V ^ V ^ V ^   V   V     ^ V ^   V       V
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