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Dead Milkmen - Jellyfish Heaven Chords

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Jellyfish Heaven Chords

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Dead Milkmen
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     G    G  D  C
[Verse 1]
G        G    D
Gotta go somewhere
When you die
   G                G
So why not see the world
D       C
Through jellyfish eyes?
D                       G         C
Jellyfish Heaven, where jellyfish go
   D                         G         C
To get away from Mormons and drunk Eskimos
Am                    C          D
Jellyfish Heaven is a lot like L.A.
[Verse 2]
G         G          D     C
If you're bad you'll go to hell
    G              G
And jellyfish will sting you
D         C
And your body will swell
D                       G         C
Jellyfish heaven in the big blue sea
Where it's too cold to surf
         G           C
And it's too warm to ski
Am                         C          D
Jellyfish Heaven's full of dead Jellyfish
[Verse 3]
G             G  D
People always saying
"I won't eat jellyfish
       G              G   D
'Cause they ain't got no bones
And you can't make a wish"
G             G    D
People always shouting
"Don't go swimming near those things!"
G                         G D
But when they're close to dying
You can hear them sing
D                   G           C
Jellyfish heaven is not like Japan
D                   G             C
Jellyfish heaven is not like Thailand
Am                    C         D
Jellyfish heaven is a lot like LA
Sweet jellyfish! [x2]
[Verse 4]
G                       G
I've been dazed and confused
D       C
For so long it's not true
  G         G
I wanted a jellyfish
D      C
Never bargained for you
G               G    D
Lot's of people talking
Few of them know
G          G    D
Soul of a jellyfish
Was created below!
G            G
Papa don't preach!
      D    C
I'm gonna keep my jellyfish!
           G           G    D
I've been tied to the jellyfish
Tied to the jellyfish [x2]
Oh Lord, I feel like I'm dying..
G  G  D C....
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