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Dbsk - My Little Princess Ukulele

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My Little Princess Ukulele

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                Okay well, I seriously don't like these boys, but somebody I know just loves them and I
to them and they suck. And since she loved them so much I decided to find the tabs to
one of their songs and I couldn't find it anywhere. So I had to make them myself. It's 
hard in this song because I can't hear the guitar anywhere. Also, I put this in
because I have no clue what the Korean stuff means. I think this is pretty close.

standard tuning (EBGDAE)

intro: Gm7/Bb C Dm

Gm7/Bb C
Gm7/Bb                  A/C# Dm Eb Csus4 C
Naegyeoteh baby baby isseojweo        woo...
(How can I forget all the special memories of you. Still remember, my little princess)

F(add2)          Dm7
What I'm feeling must be love
      Bb                      Csus4            C
It's hard to hide it  when a smile appears on my face

F(add2)              Dm7                 D
I start to miss you, before the day even ends

                   Gm7        Fsus4/C   C
What should I do?  My heart has fallen ill

Gm7       Am  Dm       Gm7         Am7 Dm
You won't see laziness in me anymore

Gm7         Am7  Dm  Bb Am Gm C
I only want to show you my best

F     Am7          Bb            D/F#
         C C7/Bb Am7  Dm
I'm going to fly high up into the sky And tell the world I love you

     Bm7(b5)    E/G#          Am7    Dm
Your aura lasts deep into the night, girl

       Gm7                   Csus4     C
I will become a star watching over you

             Bb(add2) Csus4
You're my love

F(add2)                Dm7
"Let's split up."   "Be happy"

      Bb                   Csus4       C
Let's vow never to say, those words to each other

F(add2)          Dm7             D7
Stay by my side, just as you are now

       Gm7          Csus4          C
I know I'm lacking, but I hope you understand

Gm7     Am7   Dm   Gm7 Am7 Dm
Anticipate a more mature me

Gm7                  Am7  Dm7  Bb
I want to become the man, that was made for you

Edim/Bb A/C#   Dm          F/C     BbM7
  Gm    Gm7
Please give me permission, to stay in your heart forever

Asus4 A         Dm       F/C
If you feel the same way I do

There will be no pain

  F/A                   Csus4      C
Now I will protect you, now I will protect you

For you
(Do you know how much I love you? Please stay by my side)

Db 7    Gb         Gb/Bb
Oh~ My little princess

    Cb            Eb/G Abm   Db
 Bbm7  Ebm
I'm going to show you the love I've kept hidden until now

Cdim             F/A        Bbm    Ebm
Forever, with an unchanging heart, girl

Abm          Abm7               Dbsus4  Db
I'm going to love you more than myself  You're my love

CbM7      Dbsus4  Db Gb
I promise you.    Oh woo
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