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Danzig - Little Whip Tabs

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Little Whip Tabs

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
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                                 LITTLE WHIP
                                  by Danzig

Tune down one half step (Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)

VERSE 1 (play 5x)
Acoustic w/flange
Eb |--------------------|-------------------
Bb |--------------------|-------------------
Gb |.-0---0---0---0--0-.|-0--0---0---0--0---
Db |.-9---9---9---9--7-.|-12-12--9---9--7---
Ab |--7---7---7---7--5--|-10-10--7---7--5---
Eb |--0---0---0---0--0--|-0--0---0---0--0---
                play 3x

VERSE 1 PART 2 (play 4x)
Acoustic w/flange

    Ah come on                   little  whip 
Eb ------------0---------------------------------
Bb ------------0---------------------------------
Gb -0--0-0-----0-----------------0--0----0-------
Db -9--7-9-----2-----------------12-12---9-------
Ab -7--5-7-----2-----------------10-10---7-------
Eb -0--0-0-----0-----------------0--0----0-------
               let ring-------

Elec Guitar w/distortion

Eb -------------------------------------------------
Bb -------------------------------------------------
Gb --9-9-9-9-9/-\----9-9-9-9-9/-\/-12-12---9---9-7--
Db --9-9-9-9-9/-\----9-9-9-9-9/-\/-12-12---9---9-7--
Ab --7-7-7-7-7/-\----7-7-7-7-7/-\/-10-10---7---7-5--
Eb -------------------------------------------------

VERSE 2 (same as chorus, but further back in mix and w/o slides)

Elec Guitar w/dist
             dive w/bar                   dive w/bar
Eb ----------0------------------------------------------------------------
Bb ----------0------------------------------------------------------------
Gb -9--7--9--0------12-12--9---9--7--9----12---------12-12--9-------------
Db -9--7--9--2------12-12--9---9--7--9----12---------12-12--9-------------
Ab -7--5--7--2------10-10--7---7--5--7----10---------10-10--7-------------
Eb ----------0------------------------------------------------------------
             dive w/bar                   dive w/bar
Eb -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Bb -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Gb -9--7--9--12-----12-12--9---9--7--9----12---------12-12--9-------------
Db -9--7--9--12-----12-12--9---9--7--9----12---------12-12--9-------------
Ab -7--5--7--10-----10-10--7---7--5--7----10---------10-10--7-------------
Eb ---------------------------------------10------------------------------

VERSE 3 is a variation of both CHORUS and VERSE 2 PART 2. It is easy to
figure out what goes where. However, instead of full picking, lightly
scr*pe the pick across the strings (as if you were doing a string rake)
to get a very weak sounding chord.
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