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Craig Morgan - God, Family, And Country Chords

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God, Family, And Country Chords

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Craig Morgan
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                INTRO: Cadd9, C/B, D, Cadd9, G, Cadd9, D

G               D/F#
He grew up in a time,
       Cadd9          C/B
When a third-grade education,
    Cadd9                C/B
Was all the school you needed,
    Am7              D
To work the family farm.
      G                 D/F#
He'd take time off on Sunday,
Cadd9             C/B
Him and all his family,
warm a pew,
     C/B               Cadd9 (FILL 1) G
And give thanks to the Lord.

 Cadd9        C/B         Am7       C/B
There was no gray, only black and white.
      Cadd9           C/B
Didn't need no-one to tell him,
          A7        D
What was wrong or right.
             Cadd9     D        Cadd9 G  Cadd9 D
'Cause he had God, Family, and Country.

G                 D/F#
He set aside his plow,
Cadd9     C/B
In early 1940,
 Cadd9               C/B
Said goodbye to his small town,
        A7            D
And put on the Army green.
 G                       D/F#
Hard Times on the front lines,
Cadd9                   C/B
Writin' letters on wet paper,
     A7                  C/B              C (FILL 1) G
Not one word about the awful things he'd seen.

Cadd9         C/B
His was a generation,
       A7              C/B
That answered without question.
      Cadd9           C/B
They knew they had to win,
                  A7       D
'Cause they were fightin' for...
Cadd9   D            Cadd9 G  Cadd9 G 
God,   Family, and   Country.

(BREAK CHORDS)- Am, C/B,  Cadd9, D, Cadd9, D

G              D/F#
On the coffee table,
Cadd9            C/B
Sits the family Bible,
Cadd9                    C/B
Where just last year he added,
             A7             D
A little boy to the family tree.

 G                           D/F#
There's the folded flag they gave us,
Cadd9          C/B
On the day he left us.
          A7                  Am
But the thing that I remember most,
        A7      D
Is the way that he...


  Cadd9   D         Cadd9 G
In God, Family, and Country...
Ohhh, we've got God...
    (FILL 1)
And Country......



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