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Crackout - Fairytale Nothing Tabs

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Fairytale Nothing Tabs

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                Crackout - Fairytale Nothing

A great song that builds up to a nice loud climax at the end. When playing this, increase the volume a bit on your guitar for each chorus so the whole song is like one crescendo.

 | r - let ring   |
 | bd - bend down |

Intro/verse bass riff

G| -------------------------------------|
D| -------------------------------------|
A| --------------111-0000000000000-111--|

then - 

e| ------|
B| ------|
G| 333---|
D| 333---|
A| 111---|

1st chorus - clean
(during which the bass plays the root of the chords the guitar is picking - ie G#, A, A#, A)

     G#           A           A#          A
e| --4---4-4-4-4--5---5-5-5-5-6---6-6-6-6-5---5-5-5-5|
B| --------------------------------------------------|
G| --------------------------------------------------|
D| --6-6--6-6-6---7-7--7-7-7--8-8--8-8-8--7-7--7-7-7-|
A| --------------------------------------------------|

chorus outro 1 - clean
(during which the bass plays the verse riff of E, A#, A, A#)

e| --4-2-0--4-2-0---7-5-4--7-5-4--0r-|
B| ----------------------------------|
G| ----------------------------------|
D| --6-6-2--6-6-2---9-7-6--9-7-6--2r-|
A| ----------------------------------|

2nd chorus - heavily distorted

e| ---------|
B| ---------|
G| ---------|
D| -6-7-8-7-| (each chord played 16 times)
A| -6-7-8-7-|

chorus outro 2(part 1) - I'm not sure about this bit but it sounds right. Also, you'll have to listen to the cd for the timing. This bit is heavily distorted

e| ---------------------------------------------|
B| ---------------------------------------------|
G| ---------------------------------------------|
D| ---------------------------------------------|
A| ---7bd-x12----9bd------11bd-----9bd------7bd-|

chorus outro 2(part 2) - clean

   E             A
e| ---------------------------------|
B| -0---0-0-0--0--6--6-6-6-8-----0r-|
G| -------------------------allx2---|
D| -2-2--2-2-2----7-7-7-7-7------2r-|
A| ---------------------------------|

chorus 3 is the same as chorus 2, but with a bit more volume. Then comes the octave/ solo thingy. It is basically based on these octaves (the Emaj scale):
You can use this scale to either work out the solo yourself, or better, improvise your own.
e| -----------------------|
B| -----------------------|
G| -6-8-9-11-13-14-16-18--|
D| -----------------------|
A| -4-6-7-9--11-12-14-16--|

this follows into a kind of bridge thing with 

e| -------------------------------------------|
B| -------------------------------------------|
G| -9----888-9----888-9---13-11-9-11-9-6--9---|
D| --x16------x16------x8-------------------x8|
A| -7----666-7----666-7---11-9--7-9--7-4--7---|

then back into the verse riff, with guitar and bass playing at deafening volume and loads of distorion

e| -------------------------------------|
B| -------------------------------------|
G| -------------------------------------|
D| -2222222222222-888-7777777777777-888-|
A| -2222222222222-888-7777777777777-888-|

the bass plays this quietly, and the drums end.

e| ----------------|
B| ----------------|
G| ----------------|
D| ----------------|
A| 1/2--1/2-1-1/2--|
E| ---0-----------0|
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