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Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun Tabs

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We've Only Just Begun Tabs

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* Capo on 2nd fret

* [ch]G6[/ch]     - [320010]
* [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]  - [332000]
* [ch]Bm7[/ch]    - [224232]
* [ch]Dadd9[/ch]  - [002232]
* Asus4  - [002230] or [000230]
* [ch]Cmaj[/ch]   - [330000]
* [ch]A7sus4[/ch] - [000233]
* [ch]G6/9[/ch]   - [30023x]
* Cadd9  - [032030] or [332030]
* [ch]G#[/ch]     - [466544]

 [   [ch]G6[/ch]   [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]  ] x2

 [ch]G6[/ch]               [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]    [ch]Bm7[/ch] [ch]Asus4[/ch]  [ch]Dadd9[/ch]  [ch]Asus4[/ch]     [ch]Cmaj7[/ch] [ch]G6[/ch]
 We've only just  begun to li--ve,   White lace and promises...

  [ch]Dadd9[/ch]  [[ch]A7sus4[/ch]] [ch]Asus4[/ch]     [ch]Cmaj7[/ch] [ch]G6/9[/ch]   [ch]Asus4[/ch]           [ch]G6[/ch]
  A kiss for luck and we're on   our way,  (we've only begun...)

[ch]G6[/ch]                [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]   [ch]Bm7[/ch] [ch]Asus4[/ch]  [ch]D[/ch] [ch]Asus4[/ch]  [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]    [ch]Em[/ch]
 Before the rising sun we fly-y ,   So many  roads to choose 

  [ch]Dadd9[/ch] [[ch]A7sus4[/ch]] [ch]Asus4[/ch]     [ch]Cmaj7[/ch] [ch]G6/9[/ch]    [ch]Asus4[/ch]           [ch]G6[/ch]         [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]
  We start out walking and learn to run, and yes, We've just begun

   [ch]E[/ch]         [ch]A[/ch]          [ch]A5[/ch]   [ch]E[/ch]          [ch]E[/ch]       [ch]A5[/ch]     [ch]A[/ch]     [ch]A5[/ch]        [ch]E[/ch]      [ch]G[/ch]
  Sharing horizons that are new to us, Watching the signs along the way,  ooo ahh

 [ch]G[/ch]          [ch]C[/ch]             [ch]G[/ch]          [ch]G[/ch]         [ch]C[/ch]             [ch]G6[/ch]     [ch]Am[/ch]        [ch]Asus4[/ch]
 Talking it over just the two of us, Working together day to day, together, together...

 [ch]G6[/ch]                    [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]     [ch]Bm7[/ch]   [ch]Dadd9[/ch] [ch]Asus4[/ch]  [ch]Cmaj7[/ch] [ch]G6[/ch]
  And when the evening comes we smile, So much of  life ahead 

 [ch]Dadd9[/ch]     [[ch]A7sus4[/ch]] [ch]Asus4[/ch]        [ch]Cmaj7[/ch] [ch]G6/9[/ch]    [ch]Asus4[/ch]           [ch]G6[/ch]         [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]
We'll find a place where there's room to grow, And yes, We've just begun

[Repeat Chorus] & Verse

 [ch]Asus4[/ch]                  [ch]G6[/ch]   [ch]Cmaj7[/ch]  [ch]G6[/ch] 
...and yes we've just beguu--uuuhhn
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