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Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me Chords

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I Can't Make You Love Me Chords

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Bonnie Raitt
Here's my version of Bonnie Raitt's "I can't make you love me.? 
The Intro is a CHORD-MELODY (which was played on piano in the 
original version).  This is a bit different from many of my other
submissions - Nonetheless it's fairly self explanatory as always.
Have fun . . . Ian C.T. vom Saal
Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me 
[Capo III - Eb original key]   

C/E5th= 032050    Cadd9= 032033    Cmaj7= 032000      Em7= 022033         
Esus4= 022200       Bm7= X24232     Dsus4= 000233    *Cadd9*=032030 
[Intro]> [C/E5th]-[Cadd9]-[Cmaj7]-[Em]   <>   [Esus4]-[Em]-[Em]-[C] 
           [*Cadd9*]-[C]-[Cmaj7]-[Bm7]   <>   [Bm7]-[C]
            [C]-[Em7]   <>   [Em7]-[C]   <>   [C]-[Bm7]-[Am7]

[Simplified Intro]> [Cmaj7]  [Em7]  [Em7] [Cadd9]  [C] [Bm7]  [Bm7] [C]
                    [C]  [Em7]  [Em7] [C]  [C] [Bm7]  [Am7]
[C]Turn [Cmaj7]down the [Em7]lights, 
[Em7]turn down the [C]bed 
T[C]urn down these v[Bm7]oices [Em]inside my h[Am7]ead   
[C]Lay [Cmaj7]down with m[Em7]E, 
[Em7]tell me no [C]lies 
[C]Just hold me c[Bm7]lose, [Em]don't patro[Am7]nize
Don't patron[Cadd9]ize [D]  [Dsus4] [D]

Cause I can't [C]make you [G]love me if you [C]don't      
You can't [C]make your [G]heart feel [Bm7]something it [C]won't
[Em7]Here in the [C]dark, in [D]these final [Em]hours
I will [Em7]lay down my [C]heart and [D]I'll feel the [Em]power
But [Am7]you won't, no [D]you won't 
'Cause I can't [Cadd9]make you [G]love me, [C]
if you [Cmaj7]don't  (right into the intro below)
[C/E5th] [Cadd9] [Cmaj7] [Em]  [Esus4]>[Em]>[Em][C] [C]  [Bm7]  [Bm7]  [Am7]
[C]I'll [Cmaj7]close my [Em7]eyes, 
[Em7]then I won't [C]see
The [C]love you don't [Bm7]feel when [Em]you're holding [Am7]me
[C]Mor[Cmaj7]ning will [Em7]come and [Em7] I'll do what's [C]right
Just [C]give me till [Bm7]then to       [Em]give up this [Am7]fight
And I will [Cadd9]give up this [D]fight [Dsus]  [D]
[Intro] repeat / fade (solo)
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