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Blue Rodeo - Outskirts Chords

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Outskirts Chords

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Blue Rodeo

|C Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4|

|C             |F            |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
Here on the outskirts of life
|C        |F              |C Csus4 |C Csus4 C|
   Dreams     seldom come true
|F                       |G    |C        G/B       |Am  |
Flippin' thru photographs      emotional holographs
|C                    |F                       |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
   Cutouts of all the figures you might've been
|C                    |Dm      Am       |F     |   |C Csus4 |
Reflections of a life     that you once lived

|C Csus4           |C            |
         As the evening descends 
|F                      |C     Csus4 |C Csus4 |
Your conscious of every breath
|C                    |F              |C Csus4 |
And every moment is a crisis, I guess
|C Csus4    C       |F                    |G
    Starin' out the windows of your hotel room
                |C          G/B            |Am   |
You lit one too many fires underneath that spoon
|C                       |F             |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
Well I guess you deserve the chosen few
|C         |Dm      Am     |F   |
Real life,     just out of view

                 |G    |
Well that's just here,
          |F     |
On the outskirts
            |G   |
Yea, that's here,
          |F    |        |C   |  |
On the outskirts of your life


              |C                     |
And there's a picture we've all seen
|F                               |C                   |    |
It was taken in the lobby of the L.A. Ambassador Hotel

|                        |F                   |C   |   |
It's the silhouette of a man in another's arms
 | F                 |   |C              G/B         |Am   |
So turn off your TVs,      and let that train go home
|C                                     |F
'Cause everyone warned you that California
                           |C   |    |
Wasn't goin' to be the end
           |Dm        Am           |F   |
California     wasn't gonna be the end.

And tell me where can you hide when
          |F                |C       Csus4 |
the whole world is ugly and strange
|C Csus4             |C
         Yea tell me where you gonna turn when
           |F               |C   Csus4 |
this whole world knows your name
C Csus4 C     |F                  |G
   And  these four walls are screamin' 
                     |C   G/B   |Am     |
And all your friends were so deceiving
|C                          |F                             |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
   Yea you forgot the lines of a part you rehearsed so well
|C                    |Dm    Am      |F   |
Lyin' awake in the Brazilian Court Hotel

|                  |G     |
   But that's just here,
|            |F      |
   On the outskirts
|              |G    |
   Yea, that's here
|             |F     |
   On the outskirts,
|          |C  Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
   Of your life
|C Csus4   |C  Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
   Of your life
|C Csus4   |C  Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4 |
   Of your life
|C Csus4   |C  Csus4 |C Csus4 |C Csus4 | C |
   Of your life

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