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Blue Rodeo - Five Days In May Ukulele

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Five Days In May Ukulele
Version #1
Blue Rodeo

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> 5 Days In May - Blue Rodeo
> -------------
> >From the CD: Five Days in July
> Words and Music by: Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor
> Key: Em
> Intro:
> Em  D  Am  C
> Verse:
> Em
> They met in a hurricane
> D
> Standing in the shelter out of the rain
> Am                         C
> She tucked a note into his hand
> Em
> Later on they took his car
> D
> Drove on down where the beaches are
> Am                       C
> He wrote her name in the sand
> G          F             C    D
> Never even let go of her hand
> Somehow they stayed that way
> For those 5 days in May
> Made all the stars around them shine
> Funny how you can look in vain
> Living on nerves and such sweet pain
> The loneliness that cuts so fine
> To find the face you've seen a thousand times
> Chorus:
> C
> Sometimes the world begins
> C
> To set you up on your feet again
> Bm                           D
> It wipes the tears from your eyes
> C
> How will you ever know
> C
> The way that circumstances go
> Bm                            D
> Always going to hit you by surprise
>   Am
> I know my past
> G/B
> You were there
>    C               Em7/C
> In everything I've done
>             Em
> You are the one
> Looking back it's hard to tell
> Why they stood while others fell
> Spend your life working it out
> All I know is one cloudy day
> They both just ran away
> Rain on the windshield heading South
> She loved the lines around his mouth
> (Chorus)
> Notes:
> Use an alternating bass/strum pattern, except for last four lines of
> chorus (from "I know my past...") where the chords are finger-plucked
> on strings 2 through 5 only.  Those chords are:
>         Am      X0221X
>         G/B     X2000X
>         C       X3201X
>         Em7/C   X3243X
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