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Barenaked Ladies - Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank Chords

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Straw Hat And Old Dirty Hank Chords

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Barenaked Ladies
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                "Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank"
Capo on 3rd fret
All chords relative to capo
Em  G  Em  G  Em  G    Em    G
Em        G              Em                        G
I tend the wheat field that makes your bread
Em          G                            D
I bind the sweet veal, pluck the hens that make your bed.
Em        G        Em              G
Mother Nature & Mother Earth
Em              G                      D
Are two of three women who dictate what I'm worth.
Em      G      D              C
I'm the farmer, I work in the fields all day
Em              G              D                      C
Don't mean to alarm her, but I know it was meant to be this way. 
Em    G    Em    G
You cried a tear, I wiped it dry.
I put you up upon a pedestal so high.
If you should waver, if you should sway,
I'll catch you, spread my tiny wings and fly away
Em                    G                Em        C
You signed your picture with an O and X
Em              G                      D
I bet you don't write "love" each time you sign your checks. 
C          D                G  G/F#          Em
All of this corn I grow, I grow it all for you
C                                D    G  G/F#      Em
I took a hatchet to the radio, I did it all for you
C                            D
But you could have written back and you could have said "thank you". C              D              C                      D
I guess you got better things, I guess you got better things
C                D                            Em
I guess you got better things , better things to do
G                  Em    G                      Em    G
Better things to do,              better things to do,
better things to do, oh.
You say you love me, is that the truth?
Although they've heard the songs, my friends need living proof.
I know your address, I ring the bell,
I bring you flowers and a .22 with shells.
Em  G  Em  G  Em  G  Em  G
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