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Bad Religion - Billy Chords

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Billy Chords

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Bad Religion
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                Billy Gnosis
Bad Religion
Into The Unknown

This is by far my favorite song off the album "Into The Unknown". Most people hate Bad
for making this album but I think it takes real guts for a punk band to try something
to meld genres, even if that means p**sing of some of the hardcores. I am not including 
solo at the end because it is like two minutes long and mostly all improv in the key of
This is a really fun song to play and there are no correct tabs of it on the internet, 
here is the correct progression! Enjoy!

Verse 1:
(Open chords, down strum once)
G       F                C        G
a crack developed and a name blew in
G      F       C        G
billy gnosis, weak and thin
G            F            C           G
he moved to california to start a new life
G               F                C           G
Cuz back in his hometown he just killed his wife

(Palm mute bar chords)
G...        F...    C...       G...
he started drinking heavy back then
G...        F...              C...           G...
he starting eating things that made his head trim
G...     F...           C...  G...
then his brain became a factory
G...       F...           C...      G
for making chemicals that shouldn't be

Chorus 1:
(Bar chords, down strum once)
G     F           C            G
oh billy couldn't remember his name
G       F        C        G
billy gnosis was going insane
G           F               C           G
and soaked in blue light he played and played
G (let ring)          C        G
i can still hear that sound he made...

(down strum twice then palm mute)


Verse 2:
(same as verse 1)

billy burned his phone and blew up his car
he sat and watched t.v. and played the guitar
and read a book that made his head spin
how could he have known that there were worms within?

and the worms ate into his brain
through his eyes and through his ears they came
they left their home so they'd multiply
and feed on billy's chemicals in paradise.

Chorus 2:
(same as chorus 1)

oh billy couldn't remember his name
our unsung hero had gone insane
and soaked in blue light he played and played
the only thing that killed the worms: my brain

(repeat bridge then fade to improv solo)
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