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Do It Or Die Tabs

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Atlanta Rhythm Section
Do it or Die

Atlanta Rhythm Section (metonymo tab)

Stars * and numbers in brackets, [1] and [2], point to embellishments in the tab down under.


Dmaj7   xx0222         Em7     022030
G6      x05430         A7sus4  x02030
D       xx0232         A7      x02020
G       3x0003         F#m7    242222
A       x0222x         H7      x21202
F#m     244222         H7add11 x21200
Hm      x24432         Hbmaj9  x13211
Em      022000         Hb9     x24222
E7      020100         Hb13    x24224

Intro: *Dmaj7  *G6  *Dmaj7  *G6

D              G        A        D                [1]
Don't let your troubles make you cry
G             F#m    Hm       Em   E7
Don't waste a moment wonderin why
Em7       A7sus A7   F#m7
When everything goes wrong
    H7         Em7     G6        *Dmaj7 *G6
You have to go on, and do it or die

Do it or die now, stand your ground
Don't let your bad breaks go gettin you down
Even when times get rough,
    H7         Em7         G6           *Dmaj7
And you've had enough, you still gotta try

     G6                       Dmaj7
     Do it no matter what the people say
     G6                   Dmaj7
     They don't even know you
     G6                      F#m7          H7
     Die before you let them stand in your way
      e    f#  g    g#  a  G6                        [2]
     Don't you know that...   you should know that

D         G      A    D
Life is a gamble all along
G           F#m        Hm           Em  E7
Winners are losers who keep rollin' on
   Em7      A7sus A7  F#m7
So go on and roll the dice
    H7        Em7    G6          D
You only live twice, so do it or die

       (D) G  A  D
        G F#m Hm Em E7
        Em7 A7sus A7 F#m7
        H7 Em7 G6 *Dmaj7


     Verse 3 (ends in Dmaj7)

Dmaj7                       H7   H7add11-H7
      You've got nothing to lose
   Em7   A7sus A7  F#m7
So go on roll  the dice,
    H7        Em7    A7sus     Hbmaj9 Hbadd9-13-9
You only live twice, do it or die

*Dmaj7 *G6  Hbmaj9 Hbadd9  Dmaj7


Intro and embellishments

h= hammer on
x= muted string

Intro, and ending in some of the verses

  *Dmaj7                          *G6
  :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .

[1] Beginning of verses

  D           G                   A           D
  :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :
Dont let your troubles            ma-ke  you cry                 Now...

[2] End of refrain

  e   f#      g       g#      a   G6
  :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .   :   .   .   .
Don't you    know    that...         you should know  that ...
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