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Steven Curtis Chapman, Definition Of Me Chords (ver.1)

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Definition Of Me Chords (ver.1)

Steven Curtis Chapman Tabs
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                 I would like to mention that I might be off on the words a little but other than 
that this is a great song.I think that this song is challenging so to let you know 
it goes verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus. If you are a keyboardist you 
will have an easier time playing the base notes as octaves. (the notes after 
the /). I'm not a guitarist so I don't know how this song will turn out. Hope it works for you.

timing 4/4
(verse one)
Am                   Em/Ab                    Am/G
here come those words you get a run for 
cover while dodging them 
F                             G
still they seem to find a way 
G/E                     F
around my best defense
Am                   Em/Ab
here come those little thoughts 
       Am/G                        Am/F#
of all I aught to be but I’m not 
F                  G
I try talking to my self 
G/E               F
still I’m not convinced
I’m good, I’m bad, 
I’m everything in-between 
I’m this I’m that 
but where he got me broke no 

C               Ab                   Am
It is your love that defines me 
                  Bb                F
and your love that reminds me  
Ab               Bb    C
Its not what   I    do
C                Ab                  Am      
this life I live you have given 
Bb                     F
and you I am head of 
G                        C/A     D/F#
this is what I know is true that the 
F                              C
definition of me is you 

yeah e yeah e yeah

(verse two)
Am                E/G#
this ladder never ends 
      Am/G                         Am/F#
I climb up then I slide down again
F                                  G
still they say you’ve not arrived 
G/E                     F
till you reach the top
Am                          E/G#
your kingdom’s upside down 
     Am/G                         Am/F#
it is the servant who wears the crown
F                          G
first is last and last is first 
G/E                         F
and your all that I’m not
cause I’m week your strong
I’m empty but you fill me
I sing this song 
to keep my self remembering
(go to Chorus) 

I have been made by you
I have been save by you
                F                   C/F
all that I am is all because of you
cause I’m week your strong
I’m empty but you fill me
I sing this song 
to keep my self remembering

(go back to pre chorus 2 then chorus)
ending play (   C,   Ab,    G   )
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