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Poison The Well, Slice Paper Wrists Bass tabs (ver.3)

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Slice Paper Wrists Bass tabs (ver.3)

Poison The Well Tabs
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None of the other tabs seem right, this is how I play the song in my band.
The amount of times you hit the note may be off but you can figure that out by listening to the song

Standard Tuning (E A D G)

/ = Slide
h = hammer
p= pulloff
::N::= Hold Note


Start after guitar goes through riff twice

G:  --------------------------
D:  --------------------------
A:  ---55555555-66666666------
E:  --------------------------

G:  -----------------------------------------------------------
D:  -----------------------------------------------------------
A:  ----5555555555--8-888888888-88--7-777777--6-666666666------
E:  -----------------------------------------------------------

Pause, let guitar do one of these before you slide in from 12
Only slide in from 12 the first time, just do the 5’s every other time

G:  ------------------------------------
D:  ------------------------------------
A:  -------------55--5555---55--5555----
E:  ----(12/5)--------------------------


I believe its 4 times, just listen to the song
G:  --------------------
D:  --------------------
A:  -----5565 555565----
E:  --------------------

This part involves quick fingers, but is fun to play indeed.

G:  --------------------
D:  --------------------
A:  ---555555--5555-----
E:  --------------------

Back to PART 1 (x4)


Listen to get the timing right
G:  --------------------------------------------------
D:  --------------------------------------------------
A:  -------8/5 5h6p5--PAUSE FOR GUITAR--8/5 5h6p5 ----
E:  --------------------------------------------------

G:  ------------------------------------------------
D:  ------------------------------------------------
A:  ---55555555--66666666--8888888--555555-5h6p5----
E:  ------------------------------------------------

On the last time you go through it it's
G:  -------------------------------------
D:  -------------------------------------
A:  ---555555555--6666666--88888888------
E:  -------------------------------------

PART 2 (x8)

Last note before the slow part you need to hold 

G:  ----------
D:  ----------
A:  --::5::---
E:  ----------

PART 4, Slow Part

This section of the song kind of variates depending on how well your guitarist plays this part
Sometimes if you play all the notes the song may sound cluttered but do what you think sounds right

G:  --------------------------------------------
D:  --------------------------------------------
A:  -----::5::---h---::6::----------------------
E:  --------------------------::6::------(8)----

Last part of Song, PART 5
G:  ---------------------------------------------------
D:  ---------------------------------------------------
A:  -----5555555--66666666-----------------------------
E:  -------------------------------6666666--8888888-----

End Song on 

G:  ----------
D:  ----------
A:  --::5::---
E:  ----------
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