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Smiling Face Chords

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Smiling Face Chords

(ver. 3)
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Smiling Face
Shades Of Purple
2000 Atlantic Records

Chords used:
A -   x02220
G -   320033 or 320003
D -   xx0232
C -   x32010
Am -  x02210
G/B - x20033 or x20003
C%  - x32013
Bm  - x24432

Intro: A(x4) Standing In the rain then A--G--D (x2)

Guitar 2:
D|-2----2------| (x6 until verse)

Verse 1:
A                     G                   D           A
  Sitting on the bus, Looking through the window and I close my eyes
G                     D                  C
See the shade of your smiling face, your smiling face
         D                                   C
When you walk in through the door, a smiling face
Like I never seen before
A        C    G       D
Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh (Standing in the rain)
A       C      G     D
Aahhhhh, Aahhhhh
  A                     G                 D               A
  Standing in the rain, Nearly washed the day away, then I think of you
  G                     D                  C
I know the sigh of your smiling face, your smiling face
         D                           C
And it's always here with me smiling face
Well I wonder could it be?

G       Am          G/B         C%
I still know that I never gonna find you
      G     Am                G/B             C%
But I do believe that you're standing right behind
       G    Am      G/B          C%
Will I ever get the answer to my question
Bm           C D
Life will go on

Guitar 2:
                 (x3) this part                      Life will go on....

Post Chorus: tooth tooth tooth too too (x4)

Verse 2:
A                  G              D
  Lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling
And then I close my eyes again
    G                  D                           C
The only thing that is clear to me is your smiling face
      D                            C           D
Maybe I should wake again, Smiling face, maybe I should let it end

(Repeat chorus twice)

tooth tooth tooth too too (x4)
    A                             G         D          
The only thing that is clear to me is your smiling face oh yeah
A                  G             D          A        
Never never never, never never never, gonna find you gonna find you
    D                A  G
I'm never gonna find you
   D   A
Oh Yeah
                G       D
I'm never gonna find you
A  G D   A    G D
iyeahh    iyeaahh
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