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Elbow, Fix Chords (ver.1)

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Fix Chords (ver.1)

Elbow Tabs
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                     (Capo 3rd Fret)
 Cm (x35543)      or  Am (x02210)
  G (355433)      or   E (022100)
 Fm (133111)      or  Dm (xx0231)
G/D (x55433)      or E/B (x22100)

INTRO:	| Drums  | Drums  | Drums  | Drums  |
	A|-*3--------6--3--5--6--5--3--5--6--3--5--6--3-|  (x2)
         (if you're using a capo then minus 3 from each number)
	|*Cm     | Cm     | G      | Cm     |

	| Cm     | Cm     | G      | Cm     |

            Cm                   G                       Cm
V1:	The fix is in, there's a nag gonna dance home at Epsom
	                     G                    Cm
	The fix is in, can't wait to see how it upsets 'em

	Fm                        Cm
C1:	Too many times we've been postally pipped
	      Fm                      Cm
	We've loaded the saddles, the mickeys are slipped
	      Fm                        Cm                        G/D
	We're swapping the turf for the sand and the surf and the sin
	          G              (Cm)
	Cause the fix, the fix is in
LINK 1:	|(Cm)    | G      | Cm     | G      |

	    Cm             G                      Cm
V2:	The fix is in, the odds that I got were delicious
	                   G                   Cm
	The fix is in, the jockey is cocky and vicious

	      Fm                      Cm
C2:	The redoubtable beast has had pegasus pills
	      Fm                       Cm
	We'll buy him the patch in the Tuscany hills
	        Fm                Cm                   G/D
	And the Vino di Vici will flow like a river in spring
	        G              (Cm)
	Now the fix, the fix is in

LINK 2:	|(Cm)    | G      | Cm     | G      |
	| Cm     | G      | Cm     | G      | Cm (1) |

SOLO:	| Fm     | Cm     | Fm     | Cm     |
	| Fm     | Cm     | G/D    | G/D    |
	| G      | G      | n.C.   |

	    Cm             G                       Cm
V3:	The fix is in, the snaps of the steward so candid
	                       G                    Cm
	The fix is in, yes our pigeons have finally landed

	    Fm                   Cm
C3:	The Donahue sisters will meet us in France
	   Fm                         Cm
	In penguins and pearls, we'll drink and we'll dance
	         Fm                        Cm                           G/D
	'Til the end of our days, cause it ain't left to chance that we win
	          G              (Cm)
	Cause the fix, the fix is in
LINK 3:	|(Cm)    | G      | Cm     | G      |
	| Cm     | G      | Cm     | G      |
	| Cm     | G      | Cm     | G      |
	| Cm     | G      | Cm     | G      | Cm (1) |

OUTRO:	| Fm     | Cm     | Fm     | Cm     |
	| Fm     | Cm     | G/D    | G/D    |
	| G      | G      | n.C.   |
	| Cm     |

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