Disposal Of The Body

Disposal Of The Body Guitar Tabs

Cannibal Corpse - Disposal Of The Body chords, tabs, tablatures, lyrics

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Disposal Of The Body Guitar Tabs – Cannibal Corpse

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Db  |----------------|----------------|
Ab  |5-------3---2---|6-------4---3---|
Db  |7-------5---4---|8-------6---5---|

Both Gtrs play Intro 4x

Then play:
Db  |-LeftGtr--------|---------|---------|7:---------------|
Ab  |2---------------|---------|---------|8:---------------|
Db  |4---------------|---------|---------|-----------------|
    |                |         |         |                 |
Db  |-RightGtr-------|---*-/---|---*-/---|7:-------0h3-0h4-|
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|----/----|8:-322222--------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|---/-*---|-----------------|

Db  |4:-----------------|---------|---------|----------------|
Ab  |4:-2---------------|---------|---------|----------------|
Db  |---4---------------|---------|---------|----------------|
    |                   |         |         |                |
Db  |4:-----------------|---*-/---|---*-/---|--0h3-0h4-0h3\\-|
Ab  |4:-3222222252222222|----/----|----/----|22--------------|
Db  |-------------------|---/-*---|---/-*---|----------------|

Db  |----------------|--------------0h|3-0h4-0h3-0h4-0h|3-0h4-0h3\\\\\\|
Ab  |2222222252222222|32222222522222--|----------------|---------------|
Db  |4---------------|----------------|----------------|---------------|
    |                |                |                |               |
Db  |----------------|--------------0h|3-0h4-0h3-0h4-0h|3-0h4-0h3\\\\\\|
Ab  |3222222252222222|32222222522222--|----------------|---------------|
Db  |----------------|----------------|----------------|---------------|

Db  |----------------|---*-/---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-|
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|----------------|----------------|
    |                |         |                |                |
Db  |----------------|---*-/---|----------------|----------------|
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-|

Main Riff
Db  |----------------|---*-/---|---*-/---|------0h2-0h3---|
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|----/----|322222----------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|---/-*---|----------------|

Db  |----------------|---*-/---|--------------0h|3-0h4-0h3-0h1---|
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|32222222522222--|----------------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|----------------|----------------|

Db  |----------------|--------------0h|3-0h4-0h3-0h4-0h|3-0h4-0h3-0h1---|
Ab  |3222222252222222|32222222522222--|----------------|----------------|
Db  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

Db  |----------------|---*-/---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-| L-Gtr
Ab  |3222222252222222|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |----------------|---/-*---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-| R-Gtr

Both Gtrs play Main Riff 1x with lyrics:

  The basement incinerator
  Is where they'll put the dead
  Hose the floor and clean the room
  Anywhere they bled

  Into boxes go the bags
  Fill the space with rocks
  In the dark of night
  He throws them off the docks

  Rotting in the river
  Never to be found
  Under tons of concrete
  Deep beneath the ground

  From behind he grabs his mouth
  The blade goes to the neck
  Bulging veins pumping blood
  He struggles to protect

Chorus Riff
Db  |-LeftGtr--------|----------------|4-4-4-4---------|----------------|
Ab  |2-2-2-2---------|------------5-5-|--------5-5-4-4-|5-5-5-5-3-3-3-3-|
Db  |--------4-4-3-3-|0-0-0-0-6-6-----|----------------|----------------|
    |                |                |                |                |
Db  |-RightGtr-------|----------------|4-4-4-4---------|3-3-3-3-1-1-1-1-|
Ab  |2-2-2-2---------|------------5-5-|--------5-5-4-4-|----------------|
Db  |--------4-4-3-3-|0-0-0-0-6-6-----|----------------|----------------|

Db  |-BothGtrs-------|----------------|----------------|------------6-6-|
Ab  |2-2-2-2---------|------------5-5-|--------5-5-8-8-|5-5-5-5-8-8-----|
Db  |--------4-4-3-3-|0-0-0-0-6-6-----|6-6-6-6---------|----------------|

Play Chorus Riff 2x with lyrics:

  If you don't cut open the stomach
  The corpse will rise and float
  The victim is discovered dead
  Rotting organs bloat

  The killer chops the body
  With a scalpel and an axe
  The parts are then drained
  And put into the sacks

Play Main Riff again, RightGtr only for the first 4 bars, then Both
Gtrs and lyrics:

  Grab the neck, Slit the throat, Take the life
  Hang the corpse - Prepare to drain the blood

  Bone saw, meat cleaver, filleting knife
  Carve the corpse - Dissect him in the tub

  Smash the teeth, Slice off scars, Crush the bones
  With a crowbar - Scrape off all tattoos

Repeat Chorus Riff (with same lyrics)

Then Both Gtrs play the following, first 8 bars with lyrics:
Db  |----------------|----------------|3-------1---0---|4-------2---1---|
Ab  |5-------3---2---|6-------4---3---|3-------1---0---|4-------2---1---|
Db  |7-------5---4---|8-------6---5---|----------------|----------------|
     Chunks  of  a    skull,           Sawn    in  half bones

Db  |6-------4---3---|7-------5---4---|9-------7---6---|10------8---7---|
Ab  |6-------4---3---|7-------5---4---|9-------7---6---|10------8---7---|
Db  |----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
     Body        is   found,           Killer      unknown

Db  |------------------------|---*-/---|---*-/---|--------------------|
Ab  |------------------------|----/----|----/----|--------------------|
Db  |x---x-x-x---x---x-x-x---|---/-*---|---/--*--|x---x-x-x---3h4p3h4-|
     e   s s e   e   s s e                        e   s s e
     \====3====/ \====3====/                      \====3====/

Db  |------------------------|---*-/---|---*-/---|----------------|
Ab  |------------------------|----/----|----/----|----------------|
Db  |x---x-x-x---x---x-x-x---|---/-*---|---/--*--|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|
     e   s s e   e   s s e
     \====3====/ \====3====/

Db  |------------------------|---*-/---|----------------|----------------|
Ab  |------------------------|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |x---x-x-x---x---x-x-x---|---/-*---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-|
     e   s s e   e   s s e
     \====3====/ \====3====/

Db  |-LeftGtr----------------|---*-/---|----------------|----------------|
Ab  |------------------------|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |x---x-x-x---x---x-x-x---|---/-*---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-|
    |e   s s e   e   s s e   |         |                |                |
    |\====3====/ \====3====/ |         |                |                |
    |                        |         |                |                |
Db  |-RightGtr---------------|---*-/---|3h4p3h4-2h3p2h3-|1h2p1h2-0h1p0h1-|
Ab  |------------------------|----/----|----------------|----------------|
Db  |x---x-x-x---x---x-x-x---|---/-*---|----------------|----------------|
     e   s s e   e   s s e
     \====3====/ \====3====/

LeftGtr plays Main Riff while RightGtr solos
Song ends on
Db  |----------------|
Ab  |9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|
Db  |9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|


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