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Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube Chords

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Sugarcube Chords

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Yo La Tengo
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                This is an extraordinarily simplified, standard tuning version of what should be a full,
complex tab.
I've spent a while writing this out.
In pencil.
On paper.
I'm not putting that version up right now (it's in standard as well).
But I will put this one up, and if there's enough feedback for this one, I might take
the time to put the more complete one up.

To start,  play E, but from the 12th fret position with no bar (don't hit all the strings).
Step back down to the 11th fret with your first finger.

e|-------| [played] |-------|
B|-------| [lots,]  |-------|
G|--13---|          |--11---|
D|--14---| [then]   |--14---|
A|--14---|          |--14---|
E|-------|          |-------|

This's called an E/B into a Bsus4, I guess.
Listen to the song for the timing.

E/B  Bsus4 x2

[Next, E (played normal, open 022100), then slide into an A, no bar (go ahead and hit
all the strings, though).]

E   A

E                         A
Whatever you want from me,

E                         A
whatever you want I'll do.

E                              A
Try to squeeze a drop of blood,

E                A

[Play the break like so.]

A  B  C#sus4  Ebsus4

E   [slide, sucka]  A

E                      A
Try to be more assured,

E                          A
try to be more right there.

E                      A
Try to be less uptight,

E                    A
try to be more aware.

E                         A
Whatever you want from me,

E                            A
is what I want to do for you.

E                            A
Sweeter than a drop of blood,

E                A

A  B  C#sus4 Ebsus4

C#sus4  Ebsus4

E                  A

A                   B         C#sus4             Ebsus4
And though I like to act the part of being tough,

C#sus4    Ebsus4          Esus4
I crumble like a sugarcube,

for you!

[Do the intro thing again!  Yeah!  Now we're cookin'!]

E/B  Bsus4 x2

A                        B
Whatever you want from me,

C#sus4                   Ebsus4
whatever you want I'll do,

E              A
and I will try!

E   A

A                         B
Whatever you want from me,

C#sus4                    Ebsus4
whatever you want I'll do!

E                              A
Try to squeeze a drop of blood,

E                       A
squeeze a drop of blood,

E               A

End on E.

That's all.
A more difficult, but complex-sounding thing to do for the verses would be to go from E
to A to B back to A then back to E.  You have to be faster, but it might be worth it.

See, Ira plays this in open E usually (hence the quicker note changes in the studio
version of this song, and the nutty solo), but he also did a Take-Away Show in which he
sure a smart kid like you will easily be able to find it:  "Yo La Tengo Take Away Show".

Ah, minor addendum:
You can, if you so choose, play F#min in place of C#sus4, and Ab in place of 
Ebsus4.  Might make it a bit easier.

Anywhoo, I've taken what should have been a really simple tab and made it confusing, I'm
sure, so I'll stop typing here.

No I won't.
Yo La Tengo is one of the loveliest bands ever to rock on this earth.
Now I will.
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