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Wonder Stevie - Send One Your Love Tabs

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Send One Your Love Tabs

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Wonder Stevie
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                "Send One Your Love"
                            (Stevie Wonder)

Intro [2X, w/wordless vocal 2nd time]:

	Gbmaj7       Dbmaj7/Eb      Abmaj7       Ebmaj7/F
	  /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /

	Bbmaj7        Fmaj7/G       C6/9  B6/9    [N.C.]
	  /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /

Verse 1:

	               A6   Ab7/Eb
	Send her your love
	             Gmaj7   F#7
	With a dozen roses
	Make sure that she knows it
	Gmaj7                   Amaj7
	With a flower from your heart

Verse 2:

	Show him your love
	Don't hold back your feelings
	You don't need a reason
	Gmaj7                       Amaj7   Eb9#11 [x65665]
	When it's straight from the heart

Bridge 1:

	D6                C#7/G#                C#m7-5         F#7+5
	I've heard so many say that the days of romance are no more
	       Dm7           Gmaj7           Amaj7      Eb9#11
	And people falling in love is so old-fashioned
	     D6                  C#7/G#                 C#m7-5       F#7+5
	But waiting are they, the day they once let slip away, hiding need
	      Dm7                Gmaj7            C6/9 B6/9
	To fulfill their hearts' desire for love's passion

[repeat verses 1 and 2]

Bridge 2:

	I know that people say two hearts beating as one is unreal
	And can only happen in make-believe stories
	But so blind they all must be that they cannot believe what they see
	For around us are miracles of love's glory   (hey...)

[key change to Bb]

[harmonica solo (as per repeat of verse 2, below)]

Verse 2 (Bb):

	              Bb6   A7/E
	Show him your love
	                   Abmaj7    G7
	Don't hold back the feeling
	You don't need a reason
	Abmaj7                       Bbmaj7
	When it's straight from your heart


	Bbmaj7   E6      Eb6   Ab9    [3X]
	6x77xx x766xx  x655xx 4x43xx 
	  /  /  /  /      /  /  /  /

	repeat intro, transposed to Bb [1X, w/wordless vocal]:

	Gmaj7        Dmaj7/E        Amaj7        Emaj7/F#
	  /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /

	Bmaj7        F#maj7/G#     C#6/9  C6/9     [N.C.]
	  /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /    /  /  /  /

	harmonica solo over verse chords [Bb], 4X

	6-bar vamp on Bbmaj7; end cold on Bbmaj7

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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