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Wilson Jackie - Higher And Higher Chords

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Higher And Higher Chords

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Wilson Jackie
"(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher"
                   (G. Jackson - C. Smith - R. Miner)


	bass [6X after pickup measure; congas enter 1st time; tambourine 2nd;
	      guitar and vibes 3rd; drums 5th]

	 v       v         v       v       v       v


	  D                 G/D     
	  / / / /   / / / /  / / / /  / / / /
	Em/D                 D      
	  / / / /   / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

	      D              G/D
	Your love lifted me higher
	         Em/D                 D
	Than I've ever been lifted before
	          (D)              G/D
	So keep it up, quench my desire
	           Em/D                     D
	And I'll be at your side   forever more

Chorus 1:

	You know your love (your love keeps liftin' me)
	Keeps on liftin' (love keeps liftin' me)
	Higher (liftin' me)
	 Higher and higher
	(higher and higher       higher)

	I said your love (your love keeps liftin' me) 
	Keeeep on... (love keeps liftin' me)
	Liftin' me (liftin' me)
	 Higher and higher
	(higher and higher       higher)   Listen!

Verse 2:

	Now once, I was downhearted
	Disappointment was my closest friend
	But you came and he soon departed
	And he never showed his face again

Chorus 2:

	That's why your love
	Keeps on liftin'
	Higher and higher

	I said your love
	Keeeeps on
	Higher and higher   (all right)

Instrumental break [verse chord progression]

Verse 3:

	I'm so glad  I finally found you
	Yes, that one in a million girls
	And now with  my lovin' arms around you, honey
	I can stand up  and face the world

Chorus 3:

	Let me tell you your love
	Keeps on liftin'
	Higher and higher

	I-i said your love
	Keeeep on
	Liftin' me
	Higher and higher

Chorus 4:

	Oh, now sock it to me
	All right, lift me, oh, woman
	Keep my life goin' now
	Higher and higher

	I said, keep on liftin'
	Lift me up, mama
	Keep on liftin' me
	Higher and higher [fade]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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