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Rose Hip November Tabs

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Vashti Bunyan
 ROSE HIP NOVEMBER by Vashti Bunyan

Tuning EADF#Be (ie Standard except G string tuned down one semitone to F#. Capo 5th fret
to match the Just Another Diamond Day recording)

- This can also be played in standard tuning with no need for a capo to match the
recording. You simply move every note up one string, eg instead of a note marked below 
as the
2nd fret of the 5th (A) string you'd play on the 2nd fret of the 4th (D) string. The 
single note in the 2nd bar of the Intro riff that is marked below as open 1st string becomes
5th fret on 1st string.
- The advantage of using the EADF#Be tuning (called "Lute tuning", for the obvious
reason) is just so you don't have to do that stretch to the 5th fret. I'm not sure which
tuning Vashti used but from the recording it sounds to me like there is a capo on there. 
It's only one string different, and plus once you're in the lute tuning you just need to
shift the capo up one to the 6th fret and you're ready to play along to two amazing Nick 
Drake tracks: Cello Song and Thoughts of Mary Jane!
- The song is in 4/4 time, and plays at 120 bpm to match the album recording. Every note
below is one quaver length (ie a half-beat, or 1/8th of a bar).
- I pick this always using my thumb for both the 5th & 6th strings, and my index,
middle, ring and little fingers respectively for the 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings (or 
if you
don't like using your little finger then you can use your ring finger instead for that 
one note on the top string).

Em:  022100                or if you're in Standard Tuning: Am:  x02210
Bmadd11/F#:  200000                                         Em7/B:  x20000
Am:  x02310                                                 Dm:  xx0231

Intro / Interludes:

    Em                Bmadd11
e |-----------------|-0---------------|
B |-------0-----3---|-------3-----0---|
D |---2-------2-----|-----0-----0-----|
A |-------2-----2---|-0-----0-----0---|
E |-0---------------|-----------------|


    Em                Bm7/F#            Am                Em
e |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B |-------0---------|-------0---------|-------1---------|-------0---------|
D |---2-------2---2-|---0-------0---0-|---2-------2---2-|---2-------2---2-|
A |-------2---------|-------0---------|-0-----0-----0---|-------2-----0---|
E |-0-----------0---|-2-----------2---|-----------------|-0---------------|

Then repeat first three bars of verse, followed by:

    Em                Bm7/F#
e |-----------------|-----------------|
B |-------0---------|-------0---------|
D |---2-------2---2-|---0-------0---0-|
A |-------------2---|-0---------------|
E |-0-----2---------|-------2---------|

Song structure:  (Intro x2, Verse) x5, Intro x3, and finish on slow strum of Em


Rose hip November
Autumn I'll remember
Gold landing at our door
Catch one leaf and fortune will surround you evermore

Pine tree very tall
Waiting for snow to fall
Mist hangs very still
Caught by dawn in castle moats around the sleeping hill

Now a pipe is heard
Happy is the shepherd
Shepherdess and dog
Father of the pastureland and mother of the flock

(instrumental verse)

Rose hip November
Autumn I'll remember
Gold landing at our door
Catch one leaf and fortune will surround you evermore


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