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Vashti Bunyan - Rainbow River Chords

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Rainbow River Chords

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Vashti Bunyan
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      D                 D/C#
The rainbow river is a laughing stream
           Bm           Bm7          B|-----0     A
Down in a valley by a mountain that is pine tree tall
      D                 D/C#                     Bm
The rainbow river has a small boy fishing with a worm
      Bm7            B|-----0   A                 
And a jam jar by the water_____fall
 D                        D/C#
Don’t make a sound don’t disturb the ground
     D/C                     Bm7
The biggest fish you e__ver saw is around
    Bm                         D       D/C#
And the rainbow river gives a rainbow fish
  F#m         Bm                Bm7          B|-----0   D     a (single note)    
As one small boy goes running proudly to his mother’s call

      D                        D/C#
The stonebuilt farmhouse is a rough stone cottage
         Bm               Bm7          B|-----0     A
Hiding close against the hillside up a winding track
      D                         D/C#                     
The stonebuilt farmhouse has a fair-haired farmer
         Bm               Bm7         B|-----0  A  
Wearing wooden shoes and building up a new haystack
 D                     D/C#
Run in the door stand on the stone floor
     D/C                             Bm7
The oven opens- there’s the biggest loaf you ever saw
    Bm                                D         D/C#
And the stonebuilt farmhouse gives a good warm welcome
       Bm              Bm7          B|-----0   D         a (single note)  
As he sits down in his own chair with a Windsor back

      D                  D/C#
The magpie meadow is a glowing evening colour
 Bm              Bm7          B|-----0  A
Sun is setting quietly and the boy is tired
      D                   D/C#               
The magpie meadow has a sparrow hawk who hovers
 Bm             Bm7        B|-----0 A  
Hanging on the wind preying eagle eyed
 D                  D/C#
Sit by the lantern watch as the years turn
  D/C                     Bm7
Slowly bringing truth for every child to learn
        Bm                     D       D/C#
And the magpie meadow darkens gently blue now
        Bm              Bm7        B|-----0  D        
As the family sit their faces lit by ember fire 

D      x54232  
D/C#   x44232
Bm7    x24232    (a.k.a D/B)
D/C    x34232

Most of the time the arpeggios are on the 5th, 4th and 3rd strings, 
with the occasional shifting to the 4th, 3rd and 2nd strings... 
Listen to the song to get it...
Also it seems easier to play without using the ring finger at all in 
the arpeggios; i.e. with just the thumb, index and middle finger 
[or maybe that's just me ;)].
In this way picking reflexes involving the ring finger may be minimized,
the song requiring most of the time arpeggos of three strings only.

e|-------| 1st String
B|-------| 2nd String
G|-------| 3rd String
D|-------| 4th String
A|-------| 5th String
E|-------| 6th String

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