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Only Him Or Me Tabs

(Version #1)
Van Zandt Townes
“Only Him Or Me” by Townes Van Zandt
As played on the album Live at the Old Quarter

Capo 4 (I’m not sure Townes used a capo but is makes things 
easier for me)

Townes’ fingerpicking doesn’t follow a set pattern, but in 
general it goes something like this:

E ------------------------0--------------------------
B ----------------1---3-------1-------------------1--
G ------------0-----------------0-------------0------
D ------2-------2-------2---------------2-------2----
A --3-------3-------3-------3-------3-------3--------
E ---------------------------------------------------

    B               A                               E
E --------3--------------------------------------------
B --------------------------------1---3---1------------
G ----0-------0---0-----------2---------------2---2----
D ------0-------0-------3-------3-------3-------3------
A --------------------------------------------------3--
E --3-------3-------1-------1-------1-------1----------

E		    B
Don't go saying I'm leaving you
A					E
Thinking I never got close enough to stay
E		  B
Time runs in, and then runs out
A					E
Starts again and it's always been that way
You're gonna drown tomorrow
       E	    A		    E
If you cry too many tears for yesterday
E		   B
Tomorrow's half of all you've got
A						E
So treat him good, 'cause when I'm gone, he'll stay

I won't be forgetting you
And you won't be forgetting me, I know
If memory comes a summer cloud
Rains a sweetness down to me below
I see you like you look right now
Maybe wonder why I had to go
But heaven is the way she is
Rain falls and rivers flow

So here's to feelin' good
And here's to feelin' bad
Here's to bein' thankful
I’m sorry for the pleasures that we had
Autumn days and window panes
God forgive us if you feel deceived
But the clock don't know you like I do
It’s only him or me you’ve got to believe

Chords used:

   EADGBE       EADGBE        EADGBE
E  x32010    B  320003     A  133211
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