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Above The Clouds Chords - Turin Brakes

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Above The Clouds Chords

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                I love this song went to see turin brakes not long ago amasing! 
wanted 2 learn this so i sat down looked onlne found it was in D and throught id figure
out the rest!
so thats to the person who tabed the intro out!
i figured this out for my missis! 
so play it to you missis its a lovley song :)

main riff is:
D, D/F#, G

D/F# is the chord D with the root note of F# so:

E 2
B 3
G 2
D x
A x
E 2
use thumb to hit f# on the E string!

One, two, three, four
D,  D/F#,    G             D,      D/F#,   G
Up above the clouds, it is always a blue sky
D,       D/F#,    G                 D,      D/F#,   G
Some will try to trick, but you just look them in the eyes
D,    D/F#,    G             D,   D/F#,   G
What will they do, when the money runs dry?
D,    D/F#,    G               D,      D/F#,   G
Where will they go, when the jet planes can't fly?

C           G                    D    D/F#, G 
When all is said and done I will love----]  you---] (words sustained)
C           G                    D     D/F#    G
When all is said and done I'll still love---] you----]

D,    D/F#,    G x2

Starring out at the stars, you feel helpless and so small
Nothing but closed down bars, no one helps you when you fall
One day this world will be returning to this prime
We'll all be gone, there'll be no more roads to find

When all is said and done I will love you
When all is said and done I'll still love you

The rain came again,
Em                                     D        D/F#       G
Cleaning the dream and it always makes me cry---], oh my---]

Something about the rain, it sends memories through my veins
Memories always stain, you can't wash them down the drain
Where will I go when my broken body dies?
And what will I know when I look up to the skies?

When all is said and done will you love me? (x2)

e 3 2 0 
E 3 2 0 
at the same time in the formation of G you you cant do that then just follow it on the
E string not the little e string!

(Em same as before!)
The rain came again, cleaning the dream
And it always makes me cry, oh my

Up above the clouds, it is always a blue sky

 - Tabbed my me!
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