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Timber Timbre - Until The Night Is Over Ukulele

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Until The Night Is Over Ukulele
Version #1
Timber Timbre

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                             Timber Timbre - Until The Night Is Over 
Album : Timber Timbre (2009)
Tempo : 110

capo 3

   Intro                       Riff 
e |-----------|------------|  |--------------------------|
B |-----------|------------|  |--------------------------|
G |-----------|-----------0|  |--------------------------|
D |2--2--2--2-||2--2--2--2-|  |----1h2-1h2--5-5-4-2--1h2-|
A |-----------|------------|  |2h4-----------------------|
E |-----------|------------|  |--------------------------|
               X4                         X4   

      Em            Am
There is a house in New Orleans
          Em                   Am
Where you woke from a coma and they bit your cheek
         Em              Am
And they cleaned you out when you went to sleep

Chorus :
      G          Bm          Em    (play just one time)
Oh, I just wanna change your mind
I just wanna change your mind
And it might become right away
It might become till the day I'm done
      G             Bm           Em  (strumme the chords)
And I saw it as the house caught fire
And I saw it when the thief got brave
It's like a night, night, crawler, crawlin' out in the yard
And it's comin' over me in waves

But you're haunted by the morning sun
You keep digging till the night is over

Riff x4

           Em                        Am
I ain't no doctor, babe   I ain't no doctor, son
But I'll cool your fever till the doctor comes
It's a miracle, babe, but it ain't no fun


         Bm  Am  Em
But it's not here now
         Bm       Am    Em
It's the chance of it I hate
       Bm      Am       Em
It's a hundred thousand miles off
       Bm     Am   C
Comin' closer everyday

Riff x8
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