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The Handsome Family - Wildebeest Chords

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Wildebeest Chords

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The Handsome Family

       A      E      A
When Stephen Foster died 
      D                 A
in a flop-house on the Bowery
     D               A
His worn-out wallet held 
         E            E7
just a quarter and a dime

          D         E       A
But the crocodiles have to eat, 
      F#m       E       A
the crocodiles have to eat

     A          E           A
He smashed his head on the sink 
        D               A
in the bitter fever of gin
   D                A
A wildebeest gone crazy with thirst 
         E                   E7
pulled down as he tried to drink

     D                E       A
But deep down in the muddy stream 
      F#m         E           A
even crocodiles dream their dreams

    A       E            A
And as the herd galloped off 
    D                      A
he lay on that flophouse floor
 D                    A
Singing, "Beautiful Dreamer"
         E             E7  
as the lions began to roar

        D            E          A
But we all have our beautiful dreams 
           F#m           E     A
running through us like wildebeest

D E A  D A   D A  E E7

D E A  F#m E A

     A       E           A
And when we meet at the river 
     D                     A
to cross to that gleaming shore
     D                 A
The river, she always takes a few 
        E               E7
as the herd thunders across

         D        E          A
But the river has oceans to feed, 
         F#m      E          A
she has beautiful oceans to feed

        A            E        A
And the oceans they feed the sky 
         D             A
and the sky feeds the earth
      D               A
And Stephen Foster's beautiful ghost 
     E              E7  
lay down to feed a song

    D         E       A
To feed ten thousand songs 
F#m     E                A
echoing cross the wild plains

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