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The Handsome Family - The Red Door Chords

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The Red Door Chords

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The Handsome Family

C Dm Em Dm C 

[Verse 1]

C                       Dm
You appeared upon the white shore 
Em    Dm               C
on a dark and moonless eve 
C                       Dm
I led you through the stone gate, 
Em        Dm         C         C/B Am
torches spitting in the breeze


Am                      Em     Eb
All around our palace glistened, 
Dm                            Am    Em
splashed with waves from the sea, 
    Dm                      C
but you shone bright as a thousand suns 
         G        C
in your gown of ivory

[Verse 2]

C                    Dm
One thing, I ask of you, my love 
Em    Dm              C
as I comb your white-gold hair 
C                             Dm
Only stay your hand from the red door, 
Em       Dm           C         C/B Am
the red door beneath the stairs


Am             Em             Eb
The red door under the stairs, 
Dm                       Am   Em
the red door under the stairs 
Dm                       C
Stay your hand from that old, black lock
         G    G7            C
There's nothing to see in there


C Dm Em Dm C (x2)

[Verse 3]

C                         Dm
Why do you stand so many hours 
Em      Dm          C
staring out across the sea? 
C                             Dm
Why do you slip out past the black drapes 
Em         Dm              C   C/B Am
when I pretend that I'm asleep?


Am                Em      Eb
And even in the bright sun 
Dm                         Am Em
as we walk the bone-white beach
Dm                        C
You put your ear to the whispering shells 
     G   G7           C
and turned away from me

[Verse 4]

C                    Dm
Red in your dress's hem tonight, 
Em      Dm                  C
a red flash in your roving eye
C                       Dm
Why the tremor in your soft hands 
Em      Dm          C       C/B Am
when I pull you to my side?


Am                      Em    Eb
The red door and what's inside, 
Dm                       Am   Em
the red door and all it hides 
Dm                    C
Stare away across the ocean waves, 
        G G7                 C
but I know what you've seen tonight


C Dm Em Dm C            
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