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Thee Oh Sees - The River Rushes To Screw Md Over Chords

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The River Rushes To Screw Md Over Chords
Version #1
Thee Oh Sees

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C G           E
Expertly, the river flows
 C  G          E
Eventually, it takes me home
    C  G             E
The weeping willows upon the shore
    C   G       E
Are memories of lovers gone
    C G                 E
And I don't think these things are real
     C     G           E
They might be hints of used to be
     C    G         E
Like lovers lusting on the breeze
   C     G         E
Or f**kers burning out their knees
Waiting as themes are freed
A/B  C
From pages in a memory
I can say "Ain't it silly"
A/B   C                 C/B
For remembering what used to be
| C G | E | C G | E |
| C G | E | C G | E |
| A | A A/B | C | C |
| A | A A/B | C | C C/B |
C G       E
f**k over and over
C        G             E
f**k him on over, f**k MD over
C G     E
f**k oh over, over
C   G       E
Over, over, over, over
     C G      E
f**k MD over, over
C G   E
| C G | E | C G | E |
| A | A A/B | C | C |
| A | A A/B | C | C C/B |
| C G | E | C G | E |
| C G | E | C G | E |
| A | A A/B | C | C |
| A | A A/B | C | C C/B |
| C G | E |

How to play "The River Rushes To Screw Md Over" on guitar

- Chords: G, E, C
- Strumming: Play in a steady, down-up rhythm.
- Transition: Move fluidly from C to G to E.
- Expression: For a dreamy, flowing vibe, let the chords ring forth.

[Verse (continued)]
- Chords: C, C/B, A, and A/B
- While strumming, maintain a steady pace and emphasize
downstrokes just a little.
- Transition: Pay close attention to the swift transitions between
A and A/B and C and C/B.
- Nuances: To highlight the lyrical material, add brief pauses.

- Chords: A/B, C, C/B, G, E, and C
- Strumming: Stick to a consistent rhythm while incorporating
gentler strums to build tension.
- Transition: Make sure that adjustments go smoothly,
particularly from A to A/B.
- Expression: Modify the dynamics to match the lyrics' passion.

- Chords: G, E, A, B, C, and C/B.
- Strumming: Close each chord with a forceful, purposeful strum.
- Dynamics: To end the song, let the last chord (E) ring out organically.

[Common Errors]
- Rushing chord changes, particularly those between A and A/B
and C and C/B.
- Uneven beat due to a lack of consistency in strumming pattern.
- Overly forceful strumming in the verses, which takes away from
the dreamlike quality of the song.

[Song Details]
Thee Oh Sees' "The River Rushes To Screw Md Over" combines
garage punk and psychedelic music. The lyrics, which are delivered
with a raw, emotional edge, touch on themes of memory, loss, and
disillusionment. Thee Oh Sees, who are well-known for their upbeat
live shows and prolific output, give this song a distinct intensity.
The thoughtful lyrics are complemented by a peaceful yet chaotic
arrangement that makes for an impactful listening experience.            
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