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Terry Reid - Seed Of Memory Chords

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Seed Of Memory Chords

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Terry Reid
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                Seed of Memory

Main Riff:

    C	Dsus2		  Em

Cmaj7      Dsus2
     Brave Dreams
		      Em   C
That Are Kindled From Ashes
     Dsus2		     Em   Cmaj7
Rise Out Over All The Battle Below
       Dsus2                  Em
Spread Wings Over All That He Passes
       Cmaj7	     Dsus2                  Em
So His Life Can Stay Immortal To His Country
        Cmaj7          Dsus2			   Em
All The Shades Of Green That Fall Beneath This Tree
           Cmaj7          Dsus2
So Let The Winds Of Change
That Rearrange The Country
	    Cmaj7 Dsus2         Em 
Let It Also Sow A Seed Of Memory

Marlena In The Cool Satin Sashes
Spread Dreams Over The Battle Below
Bring Love With A Song As She Passes
So His Life Can Stay Immortal To The Country
And Let Every Man Aware Of Being Free
Mmm, When She Talks Of Times When Wine Is Handed To Me

Dsus2		      Cmaj7
     And Now That The Battle Is Done
   B		       E
And You Wake Up In The Morning
         Amaj7            E  Dsus2
With The Sun Up In The Sky
	     Cmaj7		      B
Summer Never Gives You No Warning Then
		    E		           Amaj7             E  Amaj7
Flowers Are Getting Thrown Up To Cover The Mud Up On The Line
                E		   Amaj7  
Valleys Getting Greener And There's
            Amj7 E5      C5  Dsus2 Em
Nothing But Love On Your Mind

Brave Dreams That Are Kindled From Ashes
Rise Out Over The Battle Below
Spread Wings Over All That He Passes
So His Life Can Stay Immortal To The Country
Other Shades Of The Green That Brought For Me A Victory
But The Winds Of Change
Have Rearranged This Country

Let It Also Sow The Seed Of Memory, Yeah.

Let It Always Sow The Seed Of Memory, Yeah (2x)
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