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Truly Madly Deeply Instrumental Chords Tabs

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Savage Garden
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                Tablature for Truly Madly Deeply, by Savage Garden

This is a non-lyrical, instumental version of Truly Madly Deeply. But you can sing the words along with it if you like.

  C        G        F        G        C        G        F        G
e 0-------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------
B 1-------|3-------|1-------|3-------|11111111|111-1-3-|11111111|111-1131
G 0-------|0-------|2-------|0-------|0-0---0-|---2-20-|2-2---2-|---2----
D --------|0-------|3-------|0-------|2-2---2-|------0-|3-3---3-|--------
A --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------
E --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------

                            End Verse|
  C        G        F        G        Am       G        F        G
e --------|--------|--------|--------|3-------|3-------|3-------|-----0--
B 11111111|111-1-3-|11111111|111-1-11|-1-0--11|-1-10-11|-1-0--11|------31
G 0-0---0-|---2-20-|2-2---2-|---2-2- |-2------|----0---|-2------|0-----0-
D 2-2---2-|------0-|3-3---3-|--------|-2------|----0---|-3------|0-----0-
A --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|2-------
E --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------

  C        G        F      G          C        G        F      G 
e --0-----|-----0--|--0-----|-----0--|--0-----|-----0--|--0-----|--------
B 1---3313|------31|1---3313|------31|1---3--1|3-----31|1---3-13|--------
G 0-------|-0------|2------0|------0-|0-------|--0-----|2------0|--------
D 2-------|-0------|3------0|------0-|2-------|--0-----|3------0|--------
A --------|-3------|--------|--------|--------|--2-----|--------|--------
E --------|--------|--------|33------|--------|--------|--------|33--3--3

(Repeat Verse)

  Am       G        F        G
e 3-------|3-------|3--10---|-----0--
B -1--0-11|-1--0-11|1-----1-|3-----31
G -2------|----0---|2-------|0-------
D -2------|----0---|--------|0-------
A --------|--------|--------|--------
E --------|--------|--------|--------

(Repeat Chorus)

  F        G        F        G        F        G
e --------|0-------|00000---|00000---|-------0|0-------
B 1-----11|--3-1-3-|1----31-|3----313|1----13-|--3-1-3-
G 2----2--|--0---0-|2-------|0-------|2-------|--0---0-
D 3-------|--0---0-|3-------|0-------|3-------|--0---0-
A --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------

Guitar Solo:
  C        G        F        G
e ---3----|--------|---3----|--------
B 1--1----|---3----|---1----|---3----
G 0-------|--00----|--2-----|--00----
D 2-------|-0------|-3------|-0------
A --------|--------|--------|--------
E --------|3-------|1-------|3----3-3

Verse (Reprise):
  C        (No Chord)                 C        G        F        G
e --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|-----0--
B --------|--------|--------|--------|11111111|111-1113|1-------|------31
G --------|--------|--------|--------|0-0---0-|---2----|2---2-20|------0-
D --------|--------|--------|--------|2-2---2-|--------|3-------|------0-
A 3-------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------
E --------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------

(Repeat Chorus 3x)
(Repeat Guitar solo 2x)
(Use Riff 1 or Riff 2 to finish)

Riff 1:
e 0-------
B 1-------
G 0-------
D 2-------
A 3-----3-
E --------

Riff 2:
e 8-------
B 8-------
G 9-------
D 10------
A --------
E --------

For people who just want to sing the song and strum the chords:

Verse 1:
C                                  G
 I\'ll be your dream I\'ll be your wish I\'ll be your fantasy,
F                               G
 I\'ll be your hope I\'ll be your love, be everything that you need.
C                              G
 I\'ll love you more with every breath Truly Madly Deeply do,
F                           G
 I will be strong I will be faithful \'cause I\'m counting on a
Am                G                    F               G
New beginning, a reason for living, a deeper meaning, yeah...

        C                   G
I wanna stand with you on a mountain,
        F                    G
I wanna bath with you in the sea...
        C                 G
I wanna lay like this, forever,
          F                 G
Until the sky falls down on me.

Verse 2:
C                               G
 And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky,
F                            G
 I\'ll make a wish send it to heaven then make you want to cry...
C                             G
 The tears of joy for all the pleasure in the certainty,
F                             G
 That we\'re surrounded by the comfort and protection of the
Am                 G                 F
Highest powers, in lonely hours, the tears devour you, I wanna...

(Repeat chorus)

F            G
  Oh can you see it baby, 
  You don’t have to close your eyes,
G                                      F
 Cause it’s standing, right before you oh,
            G                *
All that we need will surely come 

*at astericks, start guitar solo:
(Guitar solo)

Verse (Reprise):
C                                No chord
 I\'ll be your dream I\'ll be your wish I\'ll be your fantasy,

 I\'ll be your hope I\'ll be your love be every thing that you need...
C                              G                         F
 I\'ll love you more with every breath Truly Madly Deeply do,

Ooh, oohooh... I wanna...

(Repeat Chorus 3x)
(Repeat Guitar Solo 2x)

Use riff 1 or 2 to finish, whichever one you like best.

Chord shapes are as follows:

C    x32010
G    320003 or 320033
F    xx3211
Am   x02210

Or for a different style:

      E  A  D  G  B  E
C     x  x  10 9  8  8
G     x  x  5  4  3  3
F     x  x  3  2  1  1
Am    x  x  7  5  5  5
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