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Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want Chords

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You Can't Always Get What You Want Chords

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Rolling Stones
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Original studio recording: 
Rolling Stones, "Let It Bleed" album (London Records, 1969)
(also on a single, edited--minus 2nd verse, 3rd verse cut in half)

Main rhythm guitar: acoustic in OPEN E TUNING, CAPO 8!
(Once you figure that out the rest isn't too hard)

tempo: medium ballad--about 104 b.p.m.

E tuning, low to high:  E, B, E, G#, B, E

Chords:                     () = chord with capo
            E  B  E  G# B  E
E add 9     0  0  2  0  0  0     (C add 9)  (or call it "add 2"?)
A           0  2  0  1  2  0     (F)
F#          2  2  2  2  2  2     (D)
E           0  0  0  0  0  0     (C)
F#sus       2  2  2  3  2  2     (Dsus)
B7sus       x  2  1  0  0  0     (G7sus)

(Note: unwilling to tune up to open E? Tuning to open D instead? You'll
find this hard to play (capo 10) unless you've got a cut-away.
I suggest tuning to open E-flat instead (1/2 step/one fret down from E, 
1 up from D) it doesn't put undue strain on the neck and you won't break
the G string--it stays G. The you can capo 9 and get to open C, or if that's
still hard to finger, capo to 8 and play it in B)


This song is built around the following 2 bar lick:

opening  |
flourish | E add 9 (=C add 9)             A (=F)

  --     |                              |                           |
  --     |                              |                           |
  --     |                              |                           |
         |                              |                  __       |              
         |                              |                           |

pull-off                                                  hammer-on

this pattern repeats throughout the song
with slight (mostly rhythmic) variations--listen to recording for rhythm


Full structure: lyrics, chords--in capoed tone, measures (|)

(Opening: choir sings 1st verse, chorus)

C add9 | F  x 4, with French horn intro.

  | C add 9                  | F    
I saw her today at the reception, 
| C add 9                   | F
a glass of wine in her hand
  | C add 9                       | F
I knew she was gonna meet her connection, 
       | C add 9               | F
at her feet was a footloose man

    | C add 9                  | F 
You can't always get what you wa-ant       x 3
           | D  (see fill #1 below) | F                    | C    | F 
but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need

Verse 2:
I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse
Singing, "we're gonna vent our frustration, 
if we don't we're gonna blow a 50 amp fuse"


Verse 3 (add 4 extra C add 9, F's--twice as long):

I went down to the Chelsea Drug Store, to get your prescription filled
I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy, and man did he look pretty ill
We decided we would have a soda, my favorite flavor--cherry red
I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy, 
and he said one word to me and that was "dead" 

I said to him...

Interlude, with brief electric solo and choir:

Dsus| C | F | Dsus| G7sus| then an instrumental chorus with last line sung

(If you don't have a choir handy--I seem to have misplaced mine right at the
moment--or a lead guitarist, try changing the rhythm to rapid strumming)

Verse 4: (back to standard pattern/rhythm)

I saw her today at the reception, in her glass was a bleeding man
She was practiced at the art of deception,
I could tell by her bloodstained hands

Chorus 3 times, then repeat and fade on C add 9, F with choir


Fill #1, last line of chorus, first time only:

                              |                           |
                              |                           |
                              |                           |
                    --        |                --         |              
                              |                           |
                   h.o.                       h.o.

Electric for lead is in standard tuning, using C7 scale
play 8th fret C, F barre chords during chorus


Notes: Chelsea Drug is (was) a real drug store in south London--rock 
musician, fan and junkie hang-out in 60's, 70's, 80's, maybe still.
Mr. Jimmy is clearly Jimi Hendrix


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