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Second Effort Tabs

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Rogers Stan
SECOND EFFORT   Time: 2/2 (sync)   Tenor: Bb   Bass: Bb
- Stan Rogers, 1978, on: Turnabout

          6m                        4                      1    *
I've been sitting here crying since long before the day be-gan
        5                           *                    2m               4
With my pockets full of nothing but broken dreams and my head in my empty hands
    6m                                4              1    *
The winnings that I thought I had and come so far to get
    5                         *                       4              1      (* * *)
Are further away then they've ever been, they've been taken by anoth-er man

  6m                        4              1      *
I wouldn't take a train for home even if I could
                   5                        *                2m                   4 
Cause they've been saving their joy for the hometown boy who went away to make it good
           6m                             4                      1     *
I bet they cleared away the parlour so my Ma can dance me in the door
        5                     *                   4                         1
And the old man can wink, and pour me a drink and ask me what the tears are for


     3m              4            5         1    *
It's harder to try a-gain than it was to be-gin
          5                     *                        4                       1
A man can play a lone hand in a high stakes game, but it doesn't mean he's gonna win
    3m                  4                         1        *
And somehow I've got to keep from getting further down
         5                      *                   2m              1        (*)
Before I buy myself a bottle of cheap escape, and a ticket to anoth-er town

  6m                           4                        1       *
I know I'm not crying 'cause I think I've had it mighty tough
  5                *                    2m                 4
I did my best with all the rest, but it just wasn't good e-nough
              6m                       4                    1       *
And I've been working and training too long just to make it here
          5                    *                4               1
To merely swallow my pride and walk outside and come back anoth-er year

          5                      *                    2m              4        (1)
I want to drown in the grape and make my escape, on a ticket to anoth-er town

- Strum: Clawhammer B, 43, B2, 43

- Asterisk (*) =  new measure, play same chord
- Period (.)   =  1/8 note rest at start of a measure
- Underline(_) =  sustain note into next measure

CHORDS (Number System):
- Example:     1    2    3    4    5    6    7
- Key of C:    C    D    E    F    G    A    B
- Detailed description: /pub/guitar/other_stuff/numbering_system.txt
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