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Drinkin' Problem Tabs

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                |----------Rehab-----Drinkin' Problem----------|

Tuning: Standard

|--11---9-9---7-----------------|  <>

I've gotta drinkin' problem man, one mouth and two hands
And an empty can I ain't got no loochie loochie

I'm feelin' that funny feelin' again within 
Walkin' me to the kitchen for that early morning gin 
Drink it in till my thoughts they become clear
Dress my naked hair and head the f**k up outta here 
Fightin' traffic the hot sun be causin' havoc 
Ass stuck to the seat window cracked can't see passed it 
The liquor store I just passed it lookin' back 
I gotta turn around I can't stop thinkin' exactly that 
U-turn, the past I leave behind 
For the ill bumpin' two busted six by nines
And I feel this day to be a good one of plenty 
Even if I'm thirsty and my pockets are empty

I've gotta drinkin' problem man 
One mouth and two hands
And an empty can I ain't got no loochie loochie
And yall don't understand I'm just a simple man
Doin' the best I can without no loochie loochie

Come from a long line of alcoholics 
Livin' from toilet to toilet you call it
I'm callin' hotlines swervin' all over yellow lines drinkin' moonshine
Damn was that a stop sign
I ain't doin' good but I'll be fine 
Danno where's that cheap wine
Drunk since 9 guzzlin' boone's farm trying to stop my shakin' arm
I'm here to stumble the earth and forewarn
7 weeks since I had had shower 
I black out like you pulled the plug on Georgia Power 
Southern discomfort baby
Seein' pink elephants on down the freeway the proof on the bottle 180 
Runnin' out of loochie
And I won't survive if you don't let me borrow another five
I'm a do it anyway if I'm alive


I spent my last money on a Pabst Blue Ribbon 
I be gulpin never sippin cause I have to 
Booted out the crib and that's cool long as I have brew 
Face flush stare at a lush I might bust you in the gums
I gotta problem-o my life's too up tempo 
But yo I'm just simple man whose mind is crippled man 
It all started at a party and 
I was only 15 now I can kill a fifth of Bacardi and 
I drink and pass out wake up outside and start again
I been to AA but hey hey gimme the bottle 
The 12 steppers actin like they never took a swallow


***Chorus1*** (x2)

I'm doing the best I can
I'm a simple man
Empty can..
No loochie
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