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Randy Travis - That Was Us Chords

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That Was Us Chords

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Randy Travis
That Was Us
written by Tony Lane and Craig Wiseman


INTRO: G  C  D  G  C  D

       G                     C                 G
Twenty dollars out of mama's purse bought us a tank of gas
                  C                        G            D C
And some Redman tobacco, when we were just teenage kids
G                    C             G
Me and my old buddy LeRoy we'd go drivin' around
                     C                    G
If there was trouble to be found, man we dang sure did
        Em            D                 C
Cuttin' donuts in the fields so Old Man Smith would call the cops
              Em                 D                      C
And he'd come runnin' out with a shotgun 'cause we were runnin' down his crops
      Am                G                  C      D
And I reckon he's still wonderin' who that was
             G   C  D
But that was us

                  G                C                G
Now some of these local boys moved on but we never changed a bit
             C                                G               D C
Never had a lick of sense, 'least that's what some folks said
      G                C                 G
Then finally we turned old enough to buy our own beer
                    C                           G 
Don't remember much about that year, just lucky we ain't dead
       Em              D                    C
Now somebody said they saw some boys with a truck looked just like mine
          Em                  D                  C
Tryin' to pull down that old watertank that sits out on the county line
           Am            G                C    D
And people wonder why it leans the way it does
That was us


           Em                 D                    C
Seems like small towns never change but things get tough when times get hard
     Em               D             C
They said when he got sick Old Man Smith woulda lost that farm
              Am           G                C
'Cause he was gettin' way behind on all his bills
         Am               G                 C
'Til somebody brought his crops in from the fields
         Am                      G               C   D
Yeah and folks 'round here still wonder who that was...

       That was us


CHORDS with a CAPO on I:

G = A
C = D
D = E
Em = F#m
Am = Bm

CHORDS without a capo:

G = Bb
C = D#
D = F
Em = Gm
Am = Cm 
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