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Rage Against The Machine - Testify - Ratm Tabs

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Testify - Ratm Tabs

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Rage Against The Machine
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                Tuning: DADGBE

ok, for the intro you're going to need a pedal, I use a Digitech because it has a
lot more flexibility to it, there's a lot of effects on it and you can make 
your own, This'll work on digitechs RP300, Rp400, RP200, I'm not sure about 
the RP50 or RP100 since they don't have a pedal, you might want to try putting 
an auto-wah effect. Well anyway, the best way to do this is with a Pedal with 
a synth like the digitech. You, want to set this effect up next to an effect 
that sounds close to the verse filter (ie. Scoop if you're using a digitech, 
if you're using another type of pedal you should look for a filter that is close 
to the verse filter).

the settings for the effect are...

Pickup: on   Hum->SC   Boutiq: on   Wha Minimum: 1   Wha Maximum: 99

Compressor: off

Amp Model: Higain: 10   Gain: 99   Amplvl: 50   4X12 V 1 (4X12 Vintage Mic 1)

Equalizer: on   Bass: 0   2500HZ   Midlvl: 0   Treble: 0

Noise Gate: on   Silncr (Silencer)   Attack 0   Thresh 10

Mood Effects:   Pitch: 15   Amount: 7   FXlevel: 50

Delay: off

Reverb: Hall   predelay: 10   Decay: 51   Damping: 49   Reverb Level: 20

*Important*   Expresion: Pedal   Parameter Assign: Volume Pre

Ok, that's it, sorry for people with different pedals that are way different 
then mine, if you're good enough with a pedal you can go with whatever I have 
here and try to fix the rest on your own.
But, if you have a pedal similair to mine this should be no problem. You'll 
basicly just year a really annoying sound when you play, but that's ok, that's 
how it's supposed to sound, so you didn't mess up.

The Intro itself is very simple, all you need to do is wah the filter with 
the pedal at a slow pace (listen to the song) while tremelo picking the 
low D string (E string in standered tuning), then, when the verse comes in, hit 
the switch on the pedal to the verse effect, I reccomended Scoop earlier, if 
you have it.



--6---------------------------------------------12b----(Bend to---
-------3h5---0---7---10----0------------x---0--------------------- Repeat whole thing twice

Verse/Intro (with words)

Chorus (with words)

Verse/Intro (with words)


--------------------------- and so on...


Ok, for the Solo you are going to switch back to The Intro/Verse Filter, the one 
I explained how to do above. you are going to take the jack out of the 
guitar (note: some jacks have mostly rubber around it, and only the part of 
the jack that doesn't have the rubber is the part you put in the guitar, 
other's are mostly metal through the Body of the Jack, if your jack is like 
that, then wrap some ruper bands around the metal part to do this successfully) 
you grab the Rubber part of the jack without putting your hands on the 
metal, because if you do, it'll make the volume of the sound go way down. Now 
that you have the jack out, place it on a metal part of your guitar (it also 
works on other thing, like your face, try it, it's fun!) then with the pedal, 
you wah it, and it make the sound for the solo. You may want to watch the Video 
on Conan O'brien for a good view of how to do this. at the end of the solo, 
you strum the strings very shortly before putting the jack back in, right 
after doing so put the jack in the guitar and wah the pedal, it's the effect 
you get at the very end of the solo, listen for it in the song.

Ok now switch back to your Chorus Filter (scoop, or whatever you are using)


----------------10------0--- Repeat twice





Ok, now we got that down, Time for the bass

Tuning: DADG


On the intro, the bass comes after 5 counts on the drums, (don't follow the guitar)

-------------- repeat X4 (again, follow the drum line)



---------------------------------------(Bend to-
--0---3--5--0---------0----------0-------------- Repeat X2

Verse: (with words)

It's imprtant to listen to the song and get the feal of the bass line during 
this part, listen to the drums once again because timing is critical.

-12/----12/-0-\12--12/-0--------------(10/)-    ()=Not played on the last time
(played only on the first time)
Chorus (with words)

Verse (with words)


The timing to this is even harder, bet it's easy after you get used to it. Oh 
yeah, follow drums.



Chorus (during solo)


----------------------0- repeat X2




so there you have it, Bass and Guitar for Testify

P.S. Shout out to my hommies Grant, Jake, Kelly, and Bonnie for playing this 
song like there ain't no tommorrow! And, espeically Grant (the next Tom 
Morrello) for teaching me most of this song.
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        Testify - Ratm lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Testify - Ratm lessons
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