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Passion - Lemonade Chords

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Lemonade Chords

(ver. 2) Click to play this song!

Am7     5x555x (575555)  (full chord in parentheses if needed)

D7b9     x5454x (x54545)

Gmaj7    3x443x (354433)

G#dim7   4x343x OR x2313x


THE CHORDS ARE REFERRED TO BY ITS ROOT NOTE, see fingerings for chords used above

A  D  G  G#  x4

[Verse 1]

A            D                 G                G#              A
She's my sunshine in the rain, my Tylenol when I'm in pain, yeah

D                                   G   G#
Let me tell you what she means to me

A           D                G                  G#                  A
Like a tall glass of lemonade, when it's burning hot on summer days

D                     G    G#
She's exactly what I need.


      A       D        G                  G#
She's soothing like, the ocean rushing over the sand

          A      D          G                    G#
She takes care of me, and she helps me be a better man

         A    D       G                     G#
She's so beautiful, Sometimes I stop to close my eyes
       A       D      G     G#
She's exactly what I need

[Verse 2]

A             D                    
She's my smile when I'm feeling blue.

G                 G#                                  A
She's my midnight sleep when the day is through yeah

D                                G    G#
Let me tell you what she means to me (Yeah, she's kind of like this)

A             D
Kinda like the feeling after your first kiss

G                G#                           A
Except that everyday she makes me feel like this

   D                     G      G#
Cause she's exactly what I need  (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)

[Chorus] x3             
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