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Okkervil River - Singer Songwriter Chords

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Singer Songwriter Chords

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Okkervil River
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                Capo 4th fret 

Intro is just E chord, occasionally dropping the pinky on fret 3 of the B string.

           A           B            E
Your great-grandfather was a great lawyer
        A          B            E
And his kid made a mint off the war
     A           B               E
Your father shot stills and then directed films
          A          B      E
That your mom did publicity for

      B                     A
I saw your older sis on the year's best book list
         E                   B
And your brother, he manages bands
And you're keen to down play, but you're quick to betray
         E                     B
With one welt and that wave of your hand

You come from wealth

Yeah, you got wealth
       A                  B             E
What a b**ch, they didn't give you much else


        A           B             E
I heard cuts by The Kinks on your speakers
      A         B            E 
I saw Poe and Artaud on your shelves
          A                  B             E
While The Last Laugh's first scene on your flat panel screen
       A               B              E
Lit Chanel that you've wrapped around yourself

           B                  A          
You've got outsider art by an artist you arguably 
E                       B
kidnapped to pin on the wall
Your designers have slyly directed the eye 
     E                                 B
down pink lines here and your well lit pawn

You've got taste, you've got taste
       A          B                   E
What a waste that that's all that you have


                   A             B         E
Oh, you wrote your thesis on the gospel of Thomas
              A        B              E
You shot some reversal film in Angkor Wat
         A             B                 E                              
And this book you once read said there's less people dead at this point 
A        B             E
now than those who are not

         B                    A
And this film we once saw was reviled for it's flaws
         E                            B
But it's flaws were what made us have fun
        B                         A 
And the life some folks had might have made us feel bad
         E                      B
Why feel bad? Man, it's nothing you've done

It's all in your hand
It's all in your hand
       A           B             E
Like a gun, like a glove, like a grand


Solo over verse progression

         B                       A
And this thing you once said disappeared from my head
       E                        B
In the time that it took to be amazed
         B                             A
And this thing you once did might have dazzled the kids
             E                            B
But the kids once grown up are gonna walk away

         A        B            E
And your world is gonna change nothing
         A        B            E
And your world is gonna change nothing
        A        B            E
And our world is gonna change nothing
        A        B            E
And our world is gonna change nothing
        A        B            E
And our world is gonna change nothing
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